How do you put a ring on a bird? How can a tiny Goldcrest fly several thousand miles? How fast can birds fly, and how do you identify them?

These are just a few of the many questions that you can get an answer to by participating in the Observatory`s exciting tours. Join our skilled volunteers or the Nature Interpreter and experience adventures that are worth recounting when you come home.

Book your visit in advance

Book in advance and get more out of your visit! Our presentations take place at the same time as our demanding scientific work with observations and ringing, so in order for us to make the best out of your visit it is a good idea to book in advance. Do not hesitate to send us an e-mail and get more information about your possibilities. We are flexible, and if you have special wishes, we will do everything we can to give you really thrilling experiences. We are also ready to tailor-make a programme that suits you. We can also arrange tours for organizations, businesses etc.

Ringing tour

Join us on a 30-minute-tour into the world of ringing, science and migrating birds. Our skilled ringers are ready to tell and show you how birds are caught and ringed, and how we in that way get an ever-growing insight into the fantastic journeys of the birds. If you get lucky maybe even we catch a bird to show. The birds are ringed by skillful volunteers from The danish Ringing Centre, Natural History Museum of Denmark. 

Among the birds

Join our nature interpreter or observatory birdwatchers on a guided tour in the area and see what is going on! The tours will reflect the seasons and the birds. You can enjoy hundreds of powerful gannets when they catch fish in the reef off Grenen, listen to the songbirds in Ellekrattet when they return from Africa, or watch the waders with the funny bills when they run to and fro on the beach. On the tours we will tell you about the intriguing life of the birds and how to identify them.

Meet the raptors

In spring Skagen is renowned for attracting a lot of magnificent raptors from all over Europe. Join our skilled observatory birdwatchers at Flagbakken from April to June and enjoy Raptors when they in sunny weather pass Skagen on their onward journey to the breeding grounds in the north.

Night life  

Many animals and birds hide in the daytime, but when the sun sets, they come out from their hiding-places! Join the nature interpreter on an evocative tour in the dark with all its sounds. Equipped with our ears and flashlights we look for the hidden animals. The season and the weather determine where we go, but it is possible to look for the fabled Nightjar, to see the migrating birds from the top of the lighthouse when they are attracted by the cone of light, or to hear the natterjack`s powerful croaking in the sanctuary.

School classes and educational institutes                                    

School classes from both elementary school and high school are more than welcome and at reduced prices, and we also arrange tours and instruction for groups from further and higher education. We offer a thrilling, different and instructive visits for pupils and students where nature and its surprises come close. Our nature interpreter used to work as a teacher and is eager to arrange tours and instruction adapted to your specific purpose. Contact us and book a visit that suits your plans.