Every spring and autumn millions of birds fly the long distances between their winter quarters and their breeding grounds. This migration is one of nature`s great wonders.

This fantastic journey has fascinated people for centuries, but it has also been wrapped in mystery. Earlier people wondered where the birds went in winter. Did they sleep at the bottom of the lake or the Sea? Many birds were seen in flocks in these places in autumn and this explanation therefore seemed logical.

Today though we know much more about bird migration, for instance that many of our breeding birds fly to Africa in winter, but many routes and movements still have not been mapped, and we still do not know precisely how they navigate. The research on bird migration and its mysteries has given many answers, but new questions pop up. Through observations and ringing the Danish observatories contribute to the monitoring of the bird migration and collection of data for the research so that we can follow the population changes, the records, the routes, the behaviour changes, and the spreading of diseases.

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