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Scandinavian Triple 2.0 - Open for Applications!

lørdag 10. september 2022
Three Lighthouses - Three Observatory's - One Scandinavian Triple
af Simon S. Christiansen

We have expanded the program for The Scandinavian Triple so you now can join us for a whole year! A spring at Skagen, a summer at Ottenby and an autumn at Lista! 

The three observatories are situated at some of the most important places in Scandinavia for both birdwatching and bird ringing, because of their geographical location. Millions of birds migrate through Ottenby, Lista and Skagen, including sea birds, waders, raptors, and passerines. They are all run by expert bird ringers and birdwatchers eager to share their work with others.

Read more about the conditions in our pamphlet !

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