På denne side kan du finde både nye og gamle nyheder fra Skagen Fuglestation.

Become a volunteer this autumn!

søndag 4. juli 2021
Geographically Skagen is one of the very best spots in Northern Europe for migrating birds! The migration of both raptors, passerines and seabirds can be fantastic! Many different species visits every year and around 370 species have been recorded in Skagen. The area is also renowned for offering more rarities than anywhere else in Denmark.

Are you thinking about what to do this autumn? Then do like many before you. Join us here at Skagen Bird Observatory for some amazing birdwatching and great company! From August and onwards we need volunteers for both ringing and migration counts.

Apply for autumn by mailing your application, CV and references to ssc@dof.dk

You can read more information by clicking here, by reading this pamphlet or watch one of our short youtube movies 

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