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Ringing from sunrise to sunset

lørdag 14. november 2020
af Martin Grienenberger

After a long series of quiet and grey days, a nice weather day brought us a lot of birds at the ringing station ! Pablo, Jeppe and Amelie enjoyed a lovely day with no fewer than 64 birds today. The day was mostly dedicated to Blue Tits (Blåmejse) but the team was busy on some other activities. Amelie spent a few hours working on the tick project with Blackbirds (Solsort), it wasn’t a bad day either on that side with 108 ticks collected ! Simon and Jeppe went live again on Facebook, this time with a Fieldfare (Sjagger) and some nice explanations on the species and its moult.
Simon and Erik took advantage of a slower moment at the ringing station to go for a walk through Grenen Søen, they counted 5 Water Pipits (Bjergpiber). We were still trying to catch some of them today but we were still unlucky…

The guys ringed all the way from sunrise to sunset : can you guess which is which ?

WhatsApp Image 2020 11 14 at 16.44.16

WhatsApp Image 2020 11 14 at 16.44.161

WhatsApp Image 2020 11 14 at 17.47.30

Simon streaming live on Facebook

WhatsApp Image 2020 11 14 at 16.27.40

A nice flock of Blue Tits in the nets !

WhatsApp Image 2020 11 14 at 16.55.47

Blue Tit Party !

WhatsApp Image 2020 11 14 at 17.47.31

WhatsApp Image 2020 11 14 at 17.47.311

WhatsApp Image 2020 11 14 at 17.47.341

Happy Pablo after collecting 30 ticks

Christina and I went to World’s End 3 for migration counting while Knud was watching from Nordstrand. The morning was quite similar as the previous one except for one species : the Whooper Swans were setting again a nice migratory party ! We counted 250 birds in only one hour for a final total of 393. After the new autumn record last week, our daily count is the third highest and will probably lead to an autumnal season record.

In the afternoon, Christina and I went in town to look for the Waxwings (Silkehale) and enjoy the great lights of this sunny day.

WhatsApp Image 2020 11 14 at 14.43.41

WhatsApp Image 2020 11 14 at 14.04.32

Ringmærkning (Kabbeltromlen):

Blåmejse (Blue Tit) 44
Bogfinke (Chaffinch) 1
Jernspurv (Dunnock) 2
Kvækerfinke (Brambling) 2
Munk (Blackcap) 3
Musvit (Great Tit) 1
Rødhals (Robin) 1
Fieldfare 2
Solsort (Blackbird) 7
Vindrossel (Redwing) 1



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People: Jeppe Overgaard, Pablo Macías Torres, Martin Grienenberger, Simon S. Christiansen, Christina Stinn, Jørgen Kabel & Igor, Amelie Zeller, Erland & Anse Jensen, Erik Christophersen, Knud Pedersen