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Marsh Warblers, Honey Buzzards & a Short-toed Eagle

tirsdag 6. juni 2023
af Lauren Evans

Today was mine and Dante’s first day back in Skagen after a brief trip back to London. Ying and I started the morning at 02:45am (which was a bit of a shock to the system after a week off!) by heading to Kabeltromlen to have the nets open for sunrise. We were later joined by Simon, Jakob and our guests Jane and Jens, and had an excellent morning of 69 birds including another male Kernebider (Hawfinch) and 18 Kærsanger (Marsh Warbler) which is our highest catch of this species in one day this year so far. Throughout the morning, Simon was also taking blood samples from trans-Sahara migrants to test for West Nile Virus which was interesting to watch.

6th June Hawfinch

Male Kernebider (Hawfinch) at Kabeltromlen.

6th June Tree Pipit

Skovpiber (Tree Pipit) caught at Kabeltromlen.

Zach headed up to World’s End for morning observations where the highlights included 1 Pirol (Golden Oriole), 1 Serin (Gulirisk), 1 Karmindompap (Rosefinch) and 15 migrating Hvepsevåge (Honey Buzzards). Michael and Dante headed out to the Aarhus University radar station at the tip to join Troels for the day. They managed to measure the flight height of numerous Canadagås (Canada Geese), Hvepsevåge (Honey Buzzards) and a Lærkefalk (Hobby).

Further south, Knud found a Slangørn (Short-toed Eagle) although unfortunately, none of the station team managed to see the bird.

A full list of today's observations can be found here.

Skagen Fuglestation: Jakob Bjarkholt, Michael Colley, Simon S Christiansen, Toh Ying Ying, Troels Eske Ortvad, Zach Pannifer, Lauren Evans, Dante Shepherd, Jane & Jens Peter Brenøe

Kabeltromlen Ringing Totals:

Kernebider (Hawfinch)- 1

Solsort (Blackbird)- 1

Skovpiber (Tree Pipit)- 1

Munk (Blackcap)- 18

Tornsanger (Common Whitethroat)- 3

Gransanger (Chiffchaff)- 1

Løvsanger (Willow Warbler)- 9

Gulbug (Icterine Warbler)- 3

Kærsanger (Marsh Warbler)- 18

Rørsanger (Reed Warbler)- 5

Lille Gråsisken (Lesser Redpoll)- 3

Rødstjert (Redstart)- 1

Gærdesmutte (Wren)- 1

Havesanger (Garden Warbler)- 3

Total: 69

Steppe Monday

mandag 5. juni 2023
af Toh Ying Ying

What a thrilling day back in Skagen, greeted by beautiful clear skies this morning. I joined Esben, Michaeland Jakob for ringing at the CES site. The melodious Great Reed Warbler from yesterday was still singing by the Cormorant Lake and this avian celebrity emerged from the lush foliage towards the end of the ringing session. There were many cuckoos calling and flying around the site, and an uncommon brown morphed (likely female) cuckoo! We ringed a Blackbird and some Marsh/Reed Warblers along with other familiar species. A Reed Warbler was also caught with an egg in tow, which was swiftly released after banding and weighing her to return to her nest.

IMG 3270

Over at radar and observations, Troelse, Lisa, Zach, Jane, and Jens had an eventful day, with a Black Kite, Red Kite, Ospreys, Sparrowhawks, and both the Black and Red Throated Diver. Bird migration is in its full bloom now, with many Honey Buzzards filling up the skies within the first two hours, also counted an astonishing flock of ten migrating towards the North. And then, in an unexpected twist, a Steppe Eagle arrived and captivated many for a half-hour, becoming the crowning glory of the day, a true feast for the eyes and the envy of every birder present.

steppe 2

People: Esben Hansen, Jakob Bjarkholt, Lisa Vergin, Michael Colley, Simon S Christiansen, Toh Ying Ying, Troels Eske Ortvad, Zach Pannifer, and our guests Jane & Jens Peter Brenøe


Ringing Total (CES):

Solsort (Blackbird) - 1

Kærsanger (Marsh Warbler) - 1

Rørsanger (Reed Warbler) - 17

Gærdesanger (Lesser Whitethroat) - 6

Tornsanger (Common Whitethroat) - 3
Total: 28


Today's Observation:

Steppeørn (Steppe Eagle) - 1

Sort Glente (Black Kite) - 1

Rød Glente (Red Kite) - 1

Hvepsevåge (Honey Buzzard) -27

Havørn (White-Tailed Eagle) - 2

Ringdrossel (Ring Ouzel) - 1

Stenpikker (Wheatear) - 1

Sortstrubet Lom (Black Throat Diver) - 2

Full list of observations entered in Dofbasen by Observers in the area


Shrike in hand - Warblers in bushes

søndag 4. juni 2023
af Zach Pannifer

This morning I headed to World's End to start observations at 04:30. The first hour was pretty quiet - nothing seemed to be happening out to sea and not much was migrating over land, other than a Spotted Flycatcher (Grå Fluesnapper) that flew over heading south. Then as some fairly thick fog rolled in from the southwest a Great Northern Diver (Islom) flew north west and a Hobby did some hunting too. I then decided to leave World's End and relocate to Kabeltromlen and join Michael, Lisa and Esben so that I could watch some of the ringing whilst the fog made visibility poor for observations. I timed it pretty well because the round they did just after I arrived produced a stunning male Red-backed Shrike (Rødrygget Tornskade), which I had the privilege of also being able to hold before it was released. I also had my first attempts at extracting some birds from the nets with the help of Lisa. I also ringed four birds for some more practice durig the slower rounds. Troels also joined us to take some more blood samples testing for West Nile Virus together with Simon.

QX7A4411Rødrygget Tornskade (Red-backed Shrike) by Zach Pannifer

Once we had closed all the nets Simon and Lisa took me to listen to a singing Great Reed Warbler (Drosselrørsanger) by the Cormorant Lake. This was my first time checking out the lake and so I also saw my first ever Red-necked Grebes. On the way back to the observatory we took an opportunistic stop for the Blyth's Reed Warbler (Buskrørsanger) that had just been found by Troels. Whilst out Michael cleaned the observatory and then we both enjoyed a much needed nap mid-afternoon.

Highlights from the field:

Islom (Great Northern Diver) - 1

Hvepsevåge (Honey Buzzard) - 3

Lærkefalk (Hobby) - 1

Rødrygget Tornskade (Red-backed Shrike) - 2

Ringdrossel (Ring Ouzel) - 2

Nattergal (Thrush Nightingale) - 1

Drosselrørsanger (Great Reed Warbler) - 1

Buskrørsanger (Blyth's Reed Warbler) - 1

Full list of observations entered in Dofbasen by Observers in the area


Ringing (Kabeltromlen):

Rødrygget Tornskade (Red-backed Shrike) - 1

Grå Fluesnapper (Spotted Flycatcher) - 1

Kærsanger (Marsh Warbler) - 9

Gulbug (Icterine Warbler) - 5

Løvsanger (Willow Warbler) - 6

Lille Gråsisken (Lesser Redpoll) - 2

Gærdesanger (Lesser Whitethroat) - 2

Rødstjert (Redstart) - 1

Munk (Blackcap) - 10

Rørspurv (Reed Bunting) - 1

Bogfinke (Chaffinch) - 4

Tornsanger (Whitethroat) - 1

Havesanger (Garden Warbler) - 2

Total: 45

People: Esben Hansen, Lisa Vergin, Michael Colley, Simon S Christiansen, Troels Eske Ortvad, Zach Pannifer, our guests Jane & Jens Peter Brenøe. 

Marsh Warbler Day

lørdag 3. juni 2023
af Michael Colley

The day started well an early morning ringing session, where the nets where open by 4:30am at Kabeltromlen and we were later joined by Simon,We had a positive session with 72 birds of 14 species, it was marsh Warbler day with 15 marsh warbler/ kersanger and it was a nice day of ringing  with many species where recorded, we had had the first grey wagtail for the spring.

Troels was also at the ringing site taking blood samples on birds from africa for West Nile virus.

My experience of the day was, i had two new species on my in-hand list which were Hawfinch and Grey Wagtail, where the opertunity to able to age them all, then that has added to my ringing experience. Zach was on observations but also based at Kabeltromlen for the day and so helped out a bit with taking photos from the ringing when needed.  After a longday of ringing and birding, Simon and Lisa cookd us a delicious dinner.

 QX7A4369Kernebider (Hawfinch) by Zach Pannifer

People: Lisa Vergin, Michael Colley, Simon S Christiansen, Troels Eske Ortvad, Zach Pannifer

Highlights from the field:

Sydlig Nattergal (Common Nightingale) - 1

Nattergal (Thrush Nightingale) - 1

Sort Glente (Black Kite) - 2

Havørn (White-tailed Eagle) - 1

Biæder (Bee-eater) - 1

Sortspætte (Black Woodpecker) - 1

Pirol (Golden Oriole) - 4

Karmindompap (Rosefinch) - 1

Gulirisk (Serin) - 1

A Greenish Warbler (Lundsanger), Bluethroat (Nordlig Blåhals) and River Warbler (Flodsanger) were also seen or heard by other birders in the area. Link to full list of observations here.

Ringing (Kabeltromlen):

Gransanger (Chiffchaff) - 1

Løvsanger (Willow Warbler) - 9

Kærsanger (Marsh Warbler) - 15

Rørsanger (Reed Warbler) - 2

Tornsanger (Whitethroat) - 5

Gærdesanger (Lesser Whitethroat) - 3

Havesanger (Garden Warbler) - 6

Munk (Blackcap) - 4

Gulbug (Icterine Warbler) - 7

Lille Gråsisken (Lesser Redpoll) - 10

Kernebider (Hawfinch) - 1

Rødstjert (Redstart) - 1

Rødhals (Robin) - 1

Musvit (Great Tit) - 1

Gærdesmutte (Wren) - 1

Skovpiber (Tree Pipit) - 1

Bjergvipstjert (Grey Wagtail) - 1

Bogfinke (Chaffinch) - 2

Total: 72


An Unexpected Catch at the Ringing Today

fredag 2. juni 2023
af Zach Pannifer

Michael and I got up at 02:30 and shortly afterwards headed out to Kabeltromlen to open the ringing nets. Later, as ringing commenced, we met the Head of the Danish Ringing Centre, Anders Trøttrup, and his nephew Johan. The first round was very disappointing as we had zero birds in the nets but thankfully activity picked up in the second round. Overall, it was still relatively quiet compared to some recent days and the lack of excitement started to show through our fatigue. But all it took was a star bird on one of the rounds and we were full of life again. Despite it flying past us minutes beforehand, none of us expected to see a Green Sandpiper (Svaleklire) in one of the nets! I see Green Sandpipers quite a lot back home in south London but this was the first one I have ever seen in the hand. It was also a new species for Michael to ring. It was great to see it up close and appreciate all of the plumage details that are often only seen badly in the field.

After closing the nets Michael and I then collected a dead Roe Deer and took it back to the freezer in the lab so it can be used later on at a raptor trap. No one was on observations today but whilst ringing we also noted 4 Honey Buzzard (Hvepsevåge), 1 male Red-backed Shrike (Rødrygget Tornskade), 1 Fieldfare (Sjagger), 1 Rosefinch (Karmindompap) and 4 Crossbill (Lille Korsnæb).

Link to today's observations entered in Dofbasen.

Skagen Bird Observatory: Lisa Vergin, Michael Colley, Simon S Christiansen, Troels Eske Orlvad and Zach Pannifer

Gra Fluesnapper Simons Garden 20230602 11

Spotted Flycatcher (Grå Fluesnapper) by Lisa Vergin

QX7A3988 1Green Sandpiper (Svaleklire) by Zach Pannifer

Ringing (Kabeltromlen):

Gulbug (Icterine Warbler) - 2

Løvsanger (Willow Warbler) - 3

Gærdsmutte (Wren) - 1

Rørsanger (Reed Warbler) - 1

Kærsanger (Marsh Warbler) - 1

Lille Gråsisken (Lesser Redpoll) - 3

Munk (Blackcap) - 5

Bogfinke (Chaffinch) - 2

Havesanger (Garden Warbler) - 1

Svaleklire (Green Sandpiper) - 1

Total: 20 birds

Blyth's Reed Warbler

torsdag 1. juni 2023
af Michael Colley

A little windy this morning which make us of not ringing this morning and the wind was from north- south which is not always the best for birding or ringing.

This morning with no ringing, we then went to the radar to help Troels Eske Ortvad but the morning was slow with only few birds migrating. Later in the afternoon we had 4 Honey Buzzards / Hvepsevåger  that migrated and it was a nice experience for Zack the new volunteer, who was at the rader for the first time. Around 14:00 we had a call from Simon that he had Blyth's Reed Warbler /  Buskrørsanger singing by the tractor track, which we went to hear. You can listen to Simon recordings on Dofbasen here and here 


After a long day at the rader Zack cooked a delouse dinner.

A  especial thanks to Jan Ejlsted, who was the former Director of Bird Life Denmark. He was our latest guest in the aparment and he has been cooking dinner for us for three nights in a row, and been writing the blog too the past days. Thanks a lot for your help!

List  from  the  observations

Honey Buzzard / Hvepsevåge   8

Hobby / Lærkefalk  3

Common Buzzard / Musvåge  3

Sparrowhawk  / Spurvehøg  3

People:  Simon S. Christiansen, Zack Pannifer, Troels Eske Ortvad & Michael Colley


Første skovskade i hånden

onsdag 31. maj 2023
af Jan Ejlsted

Ringmærkeren Michael fra Gambia fik en drøm opfyldt i dag. Lige fra han ankom til Danmark har han drømt om at få en skovskade i nettet. Og det lykkedes i dag. Skovskaden var dog ikke helt tilfreds. Den gav højlydt udtryk for sin vrede og nappede da også Michael i fingeren, inden den igen blev sluppet løs i god behold. Det blev en god dag ved nettene med et bredt udvalg af arter blandt de 40 ringmærkede fugle. Forårets niende skovsanger (Wood Warbler) blev mærket, og både broget og grå fluesnapper (Pied & Spotted Flycactcher fandt også vej til Kabeltromlen. En bogfinke (Chaffinch) med britisk ring blev aflæst.

jay head 31 05 2023Skovskade (Jay)

jay wingMed den farverige mønstrede vinge

Senere på dagen lagde Simon og Lisa 6 fugle til, da de ringmærkede et kuld Musvit-unger (Great Tit) i egen have. Holdet var travlt optaget af ringmærkning igennem dagen, men Zach fik da bl.a.  set 2 sorte glenter (Black Kite) i en blandet rovfugleskrue sammen med Musvåger (Common Buzzard), Hvepsevåger (Honey Buzzard) og Røde Glenter (Red Kite).

Aftenen gik med indstastning og kvalitetscheck af ringmærkningsdata, og med at indtaste nogle dagssummeringer af rovfugle fra dage tidligere i maj. På vej til fyret hentede Simon en rudedræbt havesanger til fryseren i haven hos Jan Jansen. Magnus Mygind fra Det Grå Fyr fulgte os en del af dagen både i felten og tilbage på stationen. 

spotted fly head 31 05 2023Grå Fluesnapper (Spotted Flycatcher)

skovsanger 31 05 2023Skovsanger (Wood Warbler)

Jeg slutter mit ophold på fuglestationen torsdag og takker for en god oplevelse med en superdedikeret stab under Simons kyndige ledelse.

Folk: Michael Colley, Zach Pannifer, Simon S. Christiansen, Lisa Vergin, Magnus Mygind & Jan Ejlsted.

Ringmærkning (Kabeltromlen):

Skovskade (Jay) 1

Solsort (Blackbird) 1

Broget fluesnapper (Pied Flycatcher) 1

Grå Fluesnapper (Spotted Flycatcher) 2

Kærsanger (Marsh Warbler) 3

Løvsanger (Willow Warbler) 10

Gulbug (Icterine Warbler) 1

Rørsanger (Reed Warbler) 3

Skovsanger (Wood Warbler) 1

Munk (Blackcap) 2

Havesanger (Garden Warbler) 7

Bogfinke (Chaffinch) 4

Dompap (Bullfinch) 2

Tornsanger (Lesser Whitethroat) 1

Gransanger (Chiffchaff) 1

Ringmærkning (Minervavej):

Musvit: 6 pullus

Total: 46

18-årig debuterer som ringmærker

tirsdag 30. maj 2023
af Jan Ejlsted

Den 18-årige britiske ornitolog Zach fik sin debut som ringmærker ude ved Kabeltromlen i dag. Aldrig før havde han haft en vild fugl i hånden, og han gik til opgaven med både ydmyghed og kæmpe interesse for at lære nyt. Vi gætter på, at han har en stor fremtid for sig som både fuglekigger og ringmærker. Zach bliver hos os indtil udgangen af juni.

zach simon ringing2

I løbet af morgenen savede vi flere havtorn væk omkring Kabeltromlen, så der nu er endnu bedre udsyn til de fuglekiggere der gæster os. Fuglestationen eksperimenterer fortsat med at GPS-mærke rovfugle. Lige nu har vi en fælde ude syd for Skagen. Og senest har vi lagt en fasan med tilhørende vildtkamera ud i klitterne ml. Nordstranden og Verdens Ende. Hvis det lykkes at tiltrække rovfugle, vil vi sætte en rigtig fælde op. Allerede få timer efter etableringen af kameraet, kom der signal fra klitterne. Kameraet havde set noget – som viste sig at være en hare!

I alt 26 fugle blev det til ved Kabeltromlen denne morgen. I tillæg til ringmærkningen tog Troels Eske Ortvad fra Københavns Universitet blodprøver fra 8 Afrika-trækkende småfugle med henblik på at finde ud af, om de bærer på Vestnil-virus eller Usutu-virus. Vestnil-virus er en malaria-lignende sygdom, der bl.a. forekommer hos mennesker. Usutu-virus forekommer også hos mennesker, men er herhjemme mest kendt for at forårsage massedød blandt solsorte.

troelseskeortvad wnv

Vejret var lunt og vinden var jævn. Så der var egentlig gode muligheder for rovfugletræk. Der var da også små skruer af Musvåger (Common Buzzard) i luften. Ud på eftermiddagen hørte vi om en Lille Skrigeørn (Lesser Spotted Eagle), der trak ud fra Grenen. Set af Troels Eske Ortvad. Og et par timer senere meldte Alex Sand Frich om et kortvarigt møde med en Blå Glente (Black-winged Kite) syd for Skagen. Trods fuldt fokus på dagens ringmærkning kunne vi alligevel notere 1 Fiskeørn (Osprey) og 5 Hvepsevåger (Honey Buzzard).

Link til dagens observationer indtastet i Dofbasen

Folk: Michael Colly, Zach Pannifer, Simon S. Christiansen, Troels Eske Ortvad & Jan Ejlsted.

Ringmærkning (Kabeltromlen):

Gransanger (Chiffchaff) 3

Tornsanger (Lesser Whitethroat) 5

Havesanger (Garden Warbler) 4

Løvsanger (Willow Warbler) 5

Rørsanger (Reed Warbler) 1

Bogfinke (Chaffinch) 5

Munk (Blackcap) 5

Total: 26

Kølig nordvestenvinds morgen

mandag 29. maj 2023
af Jan Ejlsted

Med vind fra vest og nordvest fortsatte den seneste tids svage træk-aktivitet. Zach var på obsposten og noterede blandt andet en enkelt Islom trækkende NV sammen med en Rødstrubet Lom (Red-throated Diver), omkring 100 Mallemukker (Fulmar) over Revet, tre trækkende Hvepsevåger (Honey Buzzard), en Rødrygget Tornskade (Red-backed Shrike) og to Lille Korsnæb (Red Crossbill).

19 ringmærkede fugle blev det til ved Kabeltromlen, alle almindelige arter. Nettene blev lukket ned ved 10-tiden, da der kun blev fanget ganske få fugle på hver netrunde.

Mod slutningen spottede Simon en Ringdrossel (Ring Ouzel), der tronede højt i en busk i nærheden.

Mandag blev også Chloe’s sidste dag på stationen. Tirsdag morgen kører hun de 1500 km hjem til Frankrig. Og senere på året drager hun til den sydlige halvkugle for at arbejde med pingviner. Vi sagde pænt farvel med en ærkedansk dessert: Jordbær med fløde!

20230527 065452Hun Gul Vipstjert (Yellow Wagtail). Foto: Zach Pannifer

Link til dagens observationer indtastet i dofbasen

Folk: Zach Pannifer, Cloé Meymy, Michael Colley, Simon S. Christiansen & Jan Ejlsted

Ringmærkning (Kabeltromlen):

Rødhals (Robin) 1

Gærdesanger (Lesser Whitethroat) 3

Løvsanger (Willow Warbler) 7

Jernspurv (Dunnock) 1

Havesanger (Garden Warbler) 3

Bogfinke (Chaffinch) 2

Munk (Blackcap) 1

Rørsanger (Reed Warbler) 1

Total: 19

Windy Day and a GPS Tagged Buzzard

søndag 28. maj 2023
af Zach Pannifer

Strong blustery winds battered the area all day and meant that no ringing took place this morning. However, I still headed to World's End for observation. Other than a Great Skua [Storkjove] and a Great Northern Diver [Islom] that were seen by other birders, the seawatching was quiet compared to past days. Thankfully later in the morning things started to improve when a female Honey Buzzard [Hvepsevåge] and several active Common Buzzard [Musvåge] appeared. I also managed to see my first ever Black Kite [Sort Glente] and it was joined by a Red Kite [Rød Glente] so I had good comparison views. Also 2 Fieldfare [Sjagger] flew past, as well as a male Rosefinch [Karmindompap] and a Corn Bunting [Bomlæke]. On my way back to the observatory I had a close singing Icterine Warbler [Gulbug] and also a Marsh Warbler [Kærsanger].

When I got back to the observatory Michael informed me that a Buzzard [Musvåge] had been caught at a raptor trap and that Simon was going to take us to see it, ring it and add a GPS tag. It was the first Buzzard [Musvåge] that Michael has ringed. It was also great to meet Carlo Pedersen, and see how he manages parts of the site for nature. Whilst adding the GPS tag we also noted a singing male Common Redstart [Rødstjert], Tree Sparrow [Skovspurv], Bullfinch [Dompap] and Crossbill [Lille Kornæb].

Ringed and GPS Tagged Buzzard 28.05.23Buzzard [Hvepsevåge] being ringed and GPS tagged


Buzzard Ringing 28.05.23

Group enjoying some refreshments after a successful raptor ringing

Jan Ejlsted arived at the apartment after Søren and Karen Marie left this morning.

A full list of today's observations can be found here.

People: Chloé Meymy, Lisa Vergin, Michael Colley, Simon S. Christiansen, Jan Ejlsted and Zach Pannifer

Ringing (Tversted):

Musvåge (Common Buzzard): 1

Total: 1

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