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The escapees

onsdag 25. maj 2022
af Alice Scalzo

This morning Hanelie and Leona left early to open the nets, joined later by Robbe, Simon and Lisa. Ringing was slow with a total of 21 birds. And to their disappointment a Cuckoo (Gøg) and a Red-backed Shrike (Rødrygget Tornskade) escaped the nets before they could catch them, let's hope next time they get caught ! Although some birds escaped, they still got an Icterine Warbler (Gulbug) and a Marsh Warbler (Kærsanger).

WhatsApp_Image_2022-05-25_at_18.14.33.jpegMeanwhile Manuel and I were at world ends 1. Migration was slow but we enjoyed a few good observations, Great northern diver (Islom), Black throated diver (Sortstrubet Lom), Kittiwake (Ride), and Nightjar (Natravn).

After our field work it was time for data entries and picture archive. We were happy to see a Montagu's Harrier (Hedehøg) not far from the station.

Robbe also attended a webinar on plants, and went into town for groceries. On the way he observed a Granville Fritillary (Okkergul pletvinge). He also helped a little with the bird festival that will take place tomorrow.

WhatsApp_Image_2022-05-25_at_17.38.45.jpegSimon was present during the first hour of ringing, and then went on a walk along the dunes, to the tip and to sardinkrattet. He saw a Short-eared Owl (Mosehornugle). He worked on the year report, sorted pictures, and attended a lecture from the head of the nature agency about the management of the area.

And our guests were at the ringing site this morning. Later in the day they went to a museum and were quite happy about it.

Have a good evening,


Ringmæking Kabeltrommeln:

Rødhals (Robin) - 1

Bogfinke (Chaffinch) - 1

Gærdesanger (Lesser Whitethroat) - 1

Munk (Blackcap) - 1

Gransanger (Chiffchaff) - 3

Løvsanger (Willow Warbler) - 2

Gærdesanger (Lesser Whitethroat) - 2

Havesanger (Garden warbler) - 1

Tornsanger (Common whitethroat) - 1

Kærsanger (Marsh warbler) - 1

Gulbug (Icterine warbler) - 2

Grå Fluesnapper (Spotted flycatcher) - 2

Rørsanger (Reed warbler) - 4

Total : 21

People:  Simon S. Christiansen, Hanelie Sidhu, Alice Scalzo, Manuel Tacke, Leona Grottschallesoh, Robbe Cool, our guests Marianne and Kurt, Lisa Vergin.

The wind has changed!

tirsdag 24. maj 2022
af Hanelie Sidhu

Good evening everyone!

The day started very winding today and soon it also started to rain and so we stayed indoors this morning without ringing and observing. However, we did get a few cello calls, for example, Orcas "Spækhugger" were sighted this morning, as well as a Purple Sandpiper "Sortgrå Ryle"  and a Rosefinch "Karmindompap". Sigrid Andersen, the director of DOF, came to visit this morning, she had been outside in the wind before, unlike us. Simon also had a tour with school classes from the Frejlev Skole later this morning. Unfortunately all inside because of the rain.


Meanwhile, we did Data Entry and Alice did some drawings, Leona said goodbye to her parents who will continue exploring Denmark and afterwards, she went for a long walk. She saw a female Red-backed Shrike "Rødrygget Tornskade" on her walk, which was very cool. After Simon had finished his tour we soon checked all the ringing sheets. A Blyth's Warbler "Buskrørsanger" was heard singing at Kabletromle and Simon, Lisa and Manuel went to see it. Manuel heard it singing and saw it for about half a second, Lisa and Simon did not have success this time, but anyway, we'll have it in a net tomorrow! I hope my fortune-telling abilities come true, that would be really great and it's time for a rarity in the nets, don't you think so? Manuel also went to the cormorant lake where he met Simon again. Robbe and I meanwhile set off in the other direction, heading to Gyvelstien, actually to look for eatable plants. But in the end we ended up in the forest and dunes nearby, looking at plants and birds and it was a nice walk, at a different location for a change, because we had never really been around here before. We also listened to the many birds in the forest: there were Wood Warblers "Skovsanger", Robins "Rødhals", Willow Warblers "Løvsanger", Chaffinches "Bogfinke", Chiffchaffs "Gransanger", Blackcaps "Munk" and more in the open field we saw nice Stonechats "Sortstubet Bynkefugl" and Tree Pipits "Skovpiber".


By the time we got home, Alice had already started cooking. The wind changed today and will change again until tomorrow morning. So maybe that means new birds in the nets for us?

Let`s hope so, have a good night, 


Today’s observations in Dofbasen from observers in the area

PS: Manuel finished checking the night recording from 30.04. to 01.05.2022! You can see it here: NocMig 30.04.-01.05.2022

People: Simon S. Christiansen, Hanelie Sidhu, Alice Scalzo, Manuel Tacke, Leona Gottschalkson, Robbe Cool, Lisa Vergin, Sigrid Andersen, our guests Marianne and Kurt

Aquila Appearances, next chapter!

mandag 23. maj 2022
af Manuel Tacke

In the veeeery early morning, by now the sun rises at quarter to 4, Hanelie and Alice set out to open the nets at Kabeltromlen. Together with Manuel, a sunny, beautiful day awaited them with some nice birds, but overall no great numbers. A male Grey Wagtail Bjergvipstjert was the last bird today and was really nice to watch. Otherwise a few Garden Warbler Havesanger flew into the net again and also a Great Tit Musvit, very defensible as usual. A Pirol sang its song close to the ringing site which is always nice to hear and gives a proper feeling of summer.


After 7 hours the three of them returned to the station, while Leona and Robbe had already left for the laser shoot at World's End 2. Jesper, meanwhile, was on duty in front of the radar screen and together they tried to track birds. However, many birds of prey did not make it to the top, but turned away before they did.

A bit unfortunate, because as expected these days promise a lot and today there were again some great eagles on the way: the probably same Bonelli's Eagle Høgeørn as last year made a great appearance over Saftevandsbakken and then turned off so that Hanelie, Alice and Manuel could still see the bird over Hulsig Hede. Stunner! Two Lesser Spotted Eagles Lille Skrigeørn were an excellent addition. Without the great support of Jørgen and Eric it would not have been possible for us to see these amazing birds, tusen takk :-)


Høgeørn by Eric Christophersen

Visitors from Lista Wetland Center and Fasund Municipality from Norway visited the station and exchanged views with Simon on various aspects of working in a Bird Observatory.

In the evening we had a great dinner with the whole Lighthouse crew, cooked by the Nature Agency team. At the Birders Club we had fantastic risotto and delicious dessert. Takk for mad! It's really a good idea to get together regularly in this big group and get to know the faces and stories. Rain and strong winds from the south are forecast for tomorrow, so we'll see if that brings us birds. In any case, there won't be much fieldwork. It remains exciting!


People: Simon S. Christiansen, Hanelie Sidhu, Alice Scalzo, Manuel Tacke, Leona Gottschalkson, Robbe Cool, Eric Christophersen, Jørgen Kabel, our guests Marianne and Kurt

Colourful Diversity

søndag 22. maj 2022
af Leona Gottschalkson

Today startet off with another beautiful sunrise. The number of birds was really low with only 12 birds in the nets but we had a nice pair of Bullfinches and a Reed Warbler. Because it was so slow we decided to close the nets around 9.


Sunrise over Kabletromle

On the seawatch Manuel and Hanelie were able to see a Nightjar coming from the sea, 2 Great Northern Divers, a Black-throated Diver and a Fulmar coming quite close.

After we quit the ringing at Kabletromle  Simon, Alice and Hanelie decided to put up a net to try to catch Stonechats. They managed to catch a Common Whitethroat with it. Meanwhile I was in Skagen to look at an impressionist art exhibition with my parents which arrived yesterday. They will stay some days to visit me and have a look around the area.

Around 2 in the afternoon we had planned a butterfly excursion with Jørgen, which was interrupted by a Zello call, "Lille skrigeørn". A Lesser Spotted Eagle! So we ran to the cars and chased it down of course to get a good look at it. And we did!


 Beginning of the excursion, Photo taken by Leona Gottschalkson

After we saw it nicely we continued our excursion and went south of Skagen to a Marsh Area. We were especially looking for the Marsh Fritillary (Hedepletvinge) which can only be seen in the period from end of May until the end of June. We spent a few minutes searching it and sure enough we found it, so we went on looking for more species and were rewarded!


The Marsh Fritillary - Hedepletvinge, Photo taken by Leona Gottschalkson

We found more than 5 additional species. One of them being the Narrow-bordered bee hawk-moth (Smalrandet Humlebisværmer), it looks like a Bumblebee but is a moth.


The Narrow-bordered bee hawk-moth - Smalrandet Humlebisværmer, Photo taken by Alice Scalzo


Manuel looking at the Details of a plant , Photo taken by Leona


Happy Dance, Photo Taken by Simon S. Christiansen

The Day ended peacefully with our new guests arriving and us having a nice meal talking about all the new species of butterflies we've seen.

Have a nice Day,




Gransanger: 3

Lille Dompap: 2

Rørsanger: 1

Gærdesmutte: 1

Gærdesanger: 1

Løvsanger: 4

Total: 12



People:  Simon S. Christiansen, Jørgen Kabel, Hanelie Sidhu, Alice Scalzo, Manuel Tacke, Leona Gottschalkson, Robbe Cool, Søren Leth-Nissen and Karen Marie Leth-Nissen.




Let the cristal rain drops fall

lørdag 21. maj 2022
af Alice Scalzo

It was raining a bit this morning when Leona and I woke up, prepared to go out to open the nets. But the unstable weather made it a bit risky for ringing so with Oluf we decided that we wouldn't open the nets today. At least we could all enjoy a few more hours of sleep. Manuel still went out in the morning. Unfortunately he didn't see never the Red-breasted Flycatcher (Lille Fluesnapper) or the Bluethroat (Blåhals). He took care of some paperwork and then came the big cleaning session in which we all participated to make the station perfectly clean. He also put the recorder out and cooked dinner, delicious as always !

WhatsApp_Image_2022-05-21_at_12.13.10.jpegRobbe worked most of the day on his university project but took small walks and saw a Great northern diver (Islom) over the garden, he went to the secret lake with Hanelie and there they found lots of nice flowers. Leona made scrambled eggs for us in the morning, she was on raptor summary duty, but also got the time to go to the beach. Her parents will be staying in skagen for a few days.
I took the chance to do some paperwork and spent the rest of the day drawing and painting.
In the afternoon Leona and I went groceries shopping with our guests.
Our guests went to the art museum, they loved it and found it fantastic. They were Aalmost crying with emotion at the end of the tour. Afterwards they went to Hulsig, and in just five minutes they had the botted eagle ! They also saw the Golden and Steppe eagle. Karen Marie went to do the point counts and saw three different lizards while Søren drove us to shopping. It was their last full day in Skagen, they were very happy to be here and spend a week with the local birders and us.
Simon spent the day at the natur meeting, he opened owl pellets with children, and got a price and with cup as a reward.
WhatsApp_Image_2022-05-21_at_21.11.19.jpegDof Birdlife tent to the Nature meeting
Have a good evening,

Sum of the raptors in the area based on observations typed into DOFbasen the same day

People:  Simon S. Christiansen, Hanelie Sidhu, Alice Scalzo, Manuel Tacke, Leona Grottschallesoh, Robbe Cool, Søren Leth-Nissen and Karen Marie Leth-Nissen.

The oracle of Skagen

fredag 20. maj 2022
af Robbe Cool

Today started according to the daily routine. Ringing was covered by Julie, Alice and Hanelie while Manuel did the observations. Both were slow but at least, when I arrived, we caught an interesting Acrocephalus in the nets. It was the first marsh warbler ‘Kærsanger’ for this year! We just had the lecture about this genus yesterday, so it felt like Simon could predict the future about the birds we were going to see. Yesterday he made another prediction about the steppe eagle ‘Steppeørn’. He told a birdwatcher of Copenhagen that the bird would show up around 10 o’clock. When the ringing ended, nobody but the guests had enough patience to wait longer. But the oracle of Skagen had spoken and exactly at 10 o’clock, the mastodont flew over. The guests were so amazed, they announced the bird with trembling voice and shaking hands on Zello. Manuel was also happy with the Serin ‘gulirisk’ he had this morning.


Meanwhile, some of us went to Ellekrattet to search the red-breasted flycatcher ‘lille fluesnapper’ that was announced without success. Leona continued her walk from Ellekrattet to the city center to eat a nice pancake.

Around noon we had to say goodbye to Joachim and Elie. It was really nice to have my friends here for some days. They really enjoyed the amazing the birding hotspot and were a great help during the observations. Unfortunately, Julie left as well for personal reasons but will come back later this year.

In the afternoon, Hanelie wanted to take a nap but the zello app boycotted this. She didn’t know the he Danish name of the bird that was announced so it had to be something good. A booted eagle ‘Dværgørn’ was seen by Erik, the rest of the afternoon is history…


Booted eagle (Erik Christophersen)

After some transport issues to the location, we all arrived and most of us could see this beautiful eagle! We saw not less than 5 eagle species. When following the booted eagle, I found 6 bee-eaters ‘Biæder’ and while following the steppe eagle, a black stork ‘sort stork’ . Everyone had his own highlight of the afternoon but everyone was happy! Back at the station we celebrated this with a nice meal and an improvised dessert.

Unfortunately, Simon just took a nap when all the good species were announced. During the day, he went to Michael Ancher to talk about making a new CES-site.

In the evening, we had a little surprise: the first succes with the raptor project. Although it wasn't a raptor we caught but hooded crow 'Gråkrage'.05f1e591-e423-4c53-a32b-e1b132d9fccf.jpg

Hooded Crow

Bird observations of today entered on dofbasen

Sum of the raptors in the area based on observations typed into DOFbasen the same day

Ringing (Kabeltromlen);

Bogfinke: 1

Havesanger: 5

Tornsanger: 2

Munk: 3

Kærsanger: 1

Gulbug: 1

Grå fluesnapper: 1

Løvsanger: 8

Gærdesanger: 5

Rørsanger: 1

Total: 28

People at the station: Simon S. Christiansen, Hanelie Sidhu, Alice Scalzo, Manuel Tacke, Leona Gottschalkson, Robbe Cool, Julie Kokholm, Søren Leth-Nissen and Karen Marie Leth-Nissen, Joachim Pintens, Elie Coremans, Michael Ancher.

Cookie monsters all over the place :-)

torsdag 19. maj 2022
Bog post 19 May 2022
af Karen Marie Leth-Nissen

Alice and Manuel went to the observation post at World’s End I early in the morning, for a day with sunny weather and warm air to enjoy during the bird counts. Elie Coremans and Joachim Pintens assisted in the counting. All four had lots of Marsh Harriers (Rørhøg) – started with a nice group of 26 Marsh Harriers that flew up from the reeds at 5 in the morning. Also, a Turtle dove (Turteldue) showed up, and some nice Orioles (Piroler).

 Pirol 19.05.22 Skagen Soren Leth Nissen

Oriole (Pirol) (photo by Søren Leth-Nissen)

The raptors really started showing up around 9. Alice also had a little time for drawing at the observation post.

And tonight, Manuel has an important football match. Hamburg plays against Berlin and Hamburg should win! So, fingers crossed.

Robbe worked on the recruitment video and later, he went out with friends Elie and Joachim to the cormorant lake, where they saw many swallows taking insects over the lake.

Leona and Hanne-Lie opened the nets at Kabeltromlen at 4.15. The first round of checking the nets at 4.45 was scarce, but second round gave a lot of birds. Leona was excited to catch the Sedge Warbler (Sivsanger) and also enjoyed extracting the Wren (Gærdesmutte) from the net.

Hanne-Lie’s highlight of the morning was the recapture of a bird with a Helgoland ring from Germany. It was an adult Blackbird. Julie joined the ringing at little later, and together with Simon, she, Leona and Hanne-Lie ringed 36 birds in total, among them two Tree pipits (Skovpiber). Simon’s high lights of the day was the two Golden Orioles, the Golden Eagle (Kongeørn) and the Steppe Eagle, which we saw after closing the nets around 10.30. We had a great view from Kabeltromlen as it bounced at World’s End at turned back over Grenen, just above out heads.

Steppeorn Skagen 19.05.22 Soren Leth Nissen

Steppe Eagle (Steppeørn) (photo by Søren Leth-Nissen)

Today we also released the “cookie monsters” at Kabeltromlen, as we sold homebaked cookies made from a secret Birder’s recipe From the Blåvand Bird Observatory :-) We asked the visitors to Kabeltromlen to donate what they wanted in support of the Skagen Bird Observatory – most did by MobilePay, so we’ll know later how the sale went ;-)


Ringing at Kabeltromlen (photo by Søren Leth-Nissen)

Later in the afternoon, when the weather changed into a fog, Alice, Manuel, and Julie entered data. Leona put in the raptor summary for two days, while Hanne-Lie got some sleep in the afternoon.

Søren and I went on a new adventure today, participating in the pilot project on point counting with a recorder at Sardinkrattet and Ellekrattet, at the lake. We found it a great experience to do to the focused counting for five + five minutes at both observation posts, and we look forward to Simon’s evaluation of our performances. After all, we are just happy amateurs in this field.

I also enjoyed being part of the ringing, taking notes of the ringers work with the birds. Søren took a lot of pictures and enjoyed the company of the other visitors at the Kabeltromlen.

We had a very informative lecture on Acrocephalus (a group of Warblers) in the late afternoon, so now (hopefully) we all at the stationknow the differences between Blyth’s and Reed Warbler. Look for the emargination at the primaries :-)

Lecture on reed warblers 1

Learning about Reed Warblers (Rørsangere) IS fun (photo by Søren Leth-Nissen)

Greetings from Karen Marie.

PS. And then, while writing the blog, we had an evening adventure, too. Robbe was on his way to town when he saw a Short Eared Owl (Mosehornugle) close to the road. He called us and some of us ran (or walked very fast) to the spot on Fyrvej. Unfortunately, it was chased away by two angry crows. But walking back to the Lighthouse, we crossed the meadow and found three beautiful Windchats (Bynkefugl), two males and a female, sitting in the shrubs. It was Leona's first of the species! And back at the Lighthouse, Søren saw a Wheatear go into the trap and eat all the worms, and right now we are aging it and next we will ring it and it is just all an adventure. As someone tol dme Monday: Everything can happen in Skagen!

People at the station: Simon S. Christiansen, Hanelie Sidhu, Alice Scalzo, Manuel Tacke, Leona Gottschalkson, Robbe Cool, Julie Kokholm, Søren Leth-Nissen and Karen Marie Leth-Nissen, Joachim Pintens, Elie Coremans, John Frikke.

A bunch of Red-footed Falcons "Aftenfalk"!

onsdag 18. maj 2022

Hello dear blog readers!

Today was a very eventful day. Leona, Robbe and Julie went ringing today. They had few birds but some nice species: Wood Warbler "Skovsanger", Bullfinch "Dompap", Tree Pipit "Skovpiber", Sedge Warbler "Sivsanger". Manuel and I went to Worlds End 2 and did the laser shooting. We shot lots of Sparrowhawks "Spurvehøg" and missed many of the cool species seen this morning, Worlds End 2 was not the best observation spot today: A Black Stork "Sort Stork" was seen and a few Red-footed Falcons "Artenfalk", Montegues Harrier "Hedehøg", also three Golden Orioles "Pirol", of which we only saw one. When I went back over Worlds End 1, a Montegues Harrier "Hedehøg" was just seen there, which I also saw very well. Back at the bird station I met Leona and Julie, we had lunch and then I left for Nordstrand, as there were many Red-footed Falkons "Artefalk" being announced on Zello. When I arrived we soon saw a Montegues Harrier "Hedehøg" and a Red-footed Falcon "Artefalk". Soon I was joined by Robbe and Alice and then Manuel. Manuel, Robbe and I stayed on the north beach for a few hours while Alice went on a long and nice walk. At Nordstrand, we saw many Red-footed Falkons "Artefalk", and also Golden Eagles "Kongeørn" and at the end a possible Eleonora's Falkon "Eleonorafalk". It was announced from Worlds End 1 and possibly, we saw it too. When we returned, many birdwatchers were standing on Fyrvej looking for the Eleonoras Falkon "Eleonorafalk".


We went to Ellekrattet to look for it. Without success. So we returned to the bird station. Karen-Marie and Søren joined ringing again today and then went on a tour with Simon. They saw Red-backed Shrike "Rødrygget Tornskade" and Wood Warbler "Skovsanger" and nice Hawfinches "Kernebider".


Hawfinch "Kernebider"

Karen-Marie and Søren also baked and cooked a delicious meal for us today. Now we have a session from Simon about the good birding spots in the world and then bed is calling. Sleep well, tomorrow will be exciting again!

Today’s observations in Dofbasen from observers in the area

Sum of the raptors in the area based on observations typed into DOFbasen the same day

Ringing (Kabeltromlen)

Løvsanger: 2

Gransanger: 2

Rørsanger: 2

Jernspurv: 1

Gærdesanger: 4

Lille Dompap: 1

Tornsanger: 9

Havesanger: 2

Bogfinke: 1

Sivsanger: 1

Skovsanger: 1

Skovpiber: 1

Solsort: 1

Total: 28



People at the station: Simon S. Christiansen, Hanelie Sidhu, Alice Scalzo, Manuel Tacke, Leona Gottschalkson, Robbe Cool, Julie Kokholm, Søren Leth-Nissen and Karen Marie Leth-Nissen, Louis Robeyns, Joachim Pintens, Frederik Johansen


A quiet day at the birdstation

tirsdag 17. maj 2022
af Julie Kokholm

A quiet day at the birdstation.

The morning started out really early for both Alice and Hanelie, who started their day 3:55 with opening the nets. The weather was absolutely beautiful with a clear blue sky, and we had great expectations for the day, after the large amount of birds coming through yesterday.

Karen Marie, Søren, Simon, Oluf and I joined in a bit later, for the first round of birds.

Due to more than 100 birds coming through the ringers’ hands yesterday, we hoped for one more exciting and busy day, but the capturing was a bit slower today. Unfortunately the amount of birds didn’t come near yesterday’s high numbers.

Fortunately every cloud has a silver lining, and due to the low amount of birds, Hanelie and Simon got time to teach me a lot about the ringing process and how to properly identify and age birds.

My beginner-license hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t handle the birds, but until it does, I will listen and learn from a distance.

We mostly had Willow Warblers (Løvsanger), Robins (Rødhals) and Whitethroats (Tornsanger) coming through today, but also had a few Spotted Flycatchers (Grå Fluesnapper) and Blackcaps (Munk).

In the meanwhile, Robbe went to Nordstrand to do obersavations, but unfortunately also at Nordstrand the birds weren’t many.

Even though there weren’t many birds, Robbe was lucky and got to see 4 Black-throated divers resting at the coast.

Our last two team members Leona and Manuel were also out early to do todays laser-shootings. They were super lucky to see the Bee-eater (Biæder) as they arrived at Verdens Ende 2.

A bit more was happening at the laser-shooting, but not much. Manuel and Leona saw a few Honey Buzzards  (Hvepsevåger) and a few Cranes (Traner) that came really close.

As we decided to pack up at Kabeltromle and move home around 9.45, the raptors started coming out and Søren got some amazing pictures of two White-tailed eagles (havørn) playing and fighting mid-air.


(Photo by Søren Leth-Nissen)

When we arrived at the birdstation, we put in the data from todays observations and ringing, and took a nap. Leona and Manuel arrived a bit later.

Simon went to a meeting, and as he left the station he saw a group of Yellow Wagtails (Gul Vipstjert) right outside our door.

After the nap, Robbe and Alice moved out to see some plants and butterflies in the Nature Reserve and Hanelie joined up.

Julie and Leona stayed at the station, while Manuel went to Batteriskoven to see if he had any luck with the Red-breasted Flycatcher (Lille fluesnapper), unfortunately he didn’t.

Søren and Karen Marie went shopping and our day ended with a good meal and a visit from a Viper(Hugorm), right outside our front door.

We are all looking forward to tomorrow, we have heard the weather is going to be amazing and we hope to have some exciting things moving over Skagen tomorrow.

Today’s observations in Dofbasen from observers in the area

Sum of the raptors in the area based on observations typed into DOFbasen the same day


People at the station: Simon S. Christiansen, Hanelie Sidhu, Alice Scalzo, Manuel Tacke, Leona Gottschalkson, Robbe Cool, Julie Kokholm, Søren Leth-Nissen and Karen Marie Leth-Nissen, Louis Robeyns, Joachim Pintens, Elie Coremans, Hans Christophersen, John Frikke and Lars Bo Jakobsen


Ringing (Kabeltromlen)

Løvsanger: 15

Rødhals: 3

Gærdesanger: 2

Grå Fluesnapper: 2

Tornsanger: 3

Munk: 1

Total: 26

A Great Day

mandag 16. maj 2022
af Karen Marie Leth-Nissen

The early morning was a bit foggy but the sun broke through during the ringing hours at Kabeltromlen. The day was warm and brought many nice birds to Grenen. The ringing was good and the team ringed around a 100 birds, with Garden Warbler (Havesanger) as the most common, but we also had Flycatchers (Fluesnappere) and Blackcaps (Munk). Leona went out early ringing with Hannelie and Simon.

Ringing Leona Simon Karen Marie Hannelie

Søren and I had our first day at the station this year and joined the ringing team at Kabeltromlen for a nice morning with a lot of catches. We had great surprises like the Bee-eater (Biæder) and the Steppe Eagle (Steppeørn) (11th in Skagen), as well as a Golden Oriole (Pirol), and the only 18th Black Woodpecker (Sortspætte) in Skagen ever. We also had a few Great Northern Divers (Islom).

Great Northern Diver

When they closed the ringing at 12, Hannelie and Leona found a special butterfly (Eyed Hawk Moth) Aftenpåfugleøje which sat on a rubber boot.

Hannelie Moth

In the afternoon Leona and Hannelie tried to take a nap and afterwards Leona entered data, before they both went to do raptor field work at 16 with Simon. They did not see a lot of raptors, though, but both got new species for their lists. Coming back at 19, they sat up the Wheatear (Stenpikker) trap with worms outside the lighthouse.
Simon went to sweep the area and saw a Black Redstart (Husrødstjert) in the Industrial area where he also found a temporary little pond with a Common Sandpiper fouraging.

Alice had set the alarm early to watch the moon eclipse but due to the fog missed what should have been a blood moon. She went to place the bird call recorder in Ellekrattet, and then joined the team at Kabeltromlen and helped ringing. She and Manuel did the laser shooting at World's End II from 11-17, laser tagging between other birds three Ospreys and some Honey Buzzards cooperating with Jesper from Aarhus University project with the radar in the lighthouse garden (now you know that one is for :-)) Walking to World's End II they both saw the Bee-eater (Biæder) really close. During the laser work, they observed 1070 swifts and two nice Dotterels (Pomeransfugl) at Grenen Beach. Coming back, Alice started cooking nice dinner for us, while Manuel entered the data in the database.

Going back to Skagen, Robbe was stuck in Aalborg yeaterday, because trains did not run in the evening to get him back to Skagen and he arrived around noon. He went to World's End II to help out and also saw the many swifts. Robbe's Belgian friends Louis Robeyns, Joachim Pintens, and Elie Coremans are around these days and big thanks! helped out on observing the migrating birds. They saw a Quail (Vagtel) and two Mediterranean Gull (Sorthovedet Måge) .

Julie, a new member on the team, went birding in the morning with her father. They were hunting the Steppe Eagle (Steppeørn) and found it, and later she settled into the station where she will be for the next two weeks. Afterwards, she also went to World's End II where Manuel and Alice were laser tagging.

People at the station: Simon S. Christiansen, Hanelie Sidhu, Alice Scalzo, Manuel Tacke, Leona Gottschalkson, Robbe Cool, Julie Kokholm, Søren Leth-Nissen and Karen Marie Leth-Nissen, Louis Robeyns, Joachim Pintens, and Elie Coremans

See you for a another great Skagen Day tomorrow. I can't wait :-)


Ringing (Kabeltromlen)

Løvsanger: 34

Gærdesanger: 4

Broget Fluesnapper: 5

Grå Fluesnapper: 3

Tornsanger: 4

Rørsanger: 1

Rødstjert: 6

Munk: 12

Havesanger: 34

Bogfinke: 1

Total: 104




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