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Magical guests . .

mandag 18. februar 2019
af Peter Denyer

I was up a little later than previous days as I intended to ring later in the morning. I had a little bit of a seawatch before the day really began, but didn’t see much other than some migrating skylarks and the snow buntings having a day trip down from Grenen.

At midday I stuck the trap out so I could show some of the visitors how we catch and ring birds here, and to show them a redpoll in the hand, but for the first day in a week, none of them were interested in the trap or the food around it, so it was a bit of a bust. I remained in the birders club to answer any questions for visitors and to work on fine tuning the birders club film.

Later in the afternoon Gustav arrived and got settled in, we got to know each other in the flesh rather than over Facebook. I took a brief cycle ride up to Grenen to see if there was any birding to be done (there wasn’t) and took a detour on the way back looking for polecats, of which I saw some spoor. Just before dinner Gustav’s friend Anina arrived and we all discussed the tasks for tomorrow over dinner. Gustav is running a bird magic show at 11am in the the exhibition halls meeting room and we discussed the setup and the tasks afterward, such as shopping and ringing etc. We then finished off with a great game of ‘match the pair’ and a shuffleball tournament.

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Fieldfare (Sjagger) at Grenen

A quiet sunday

søndag 17. februar 2019
af Peter Denyer

I was up early and out at the nets. Despite my hopes, I did not get any thrushes in the morning, but nigh on 100% redpolls except for one recaptured yellowhammer that was ringed a few days ago. I kept the nets open for a little while but decided to close them and get on with net repair work until midday when there would be guests around to see the bird ringing in action.

I spent a good couple of hours on the mist net I’ve been working on for a few days, it’s heavily damaged, and in hindsight, it’s also bleached and therefore probably not worth repairing, but it serves as a good practice net. I’ve certainly improved my technique over the last few days. I set up the ground trap at midday and whilst waiting for it to catch something, I entered the diary post for the previous day. There were few visitors around at this time, so after a couple of rounds I closed the trap too, and returned to my net repair. By late afternoon I’d finally finished the first of several and set up the next net for repair tomorrow. Classically I chose both of the nets in the worst condition to start with!

After dinner I entered the DofBasen records for the day and planned the next day’s activities. Net repair is on the agenda, but also perhaps a trip to the harbour to check for white winged gulls and purple sandpipers.


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A mealy redpoll (Nordlig gråsisken) a very small individual but not, in my estimation, quite meeting criteria for lesser (lille)

A trip to the beach

lørdag 16. februar 2019
af Peter Denyer

I was up early and out at Grenen by 9 (would have been quicker but I was birding on my way up there). Plenty of birds considering the time of year a large flock of 300 fieldfare contained two redwing, a flock of woodpigeon had a stock dove with them and there were plenty of corvids, magpies, hooded crows and 150+ jackdaws wheeling around the beach. The rough legged buzzard was still around, perched nicely on a fence post for me, if a little distant. The sea was pretty busy too, with 7 velvet scoters amongst almost 100 common, goldeneye, teal, mallard, eider. A few red throated divers flew past along with some guillemots. Some skylark were moving around, echoing what a friend of mine is finding further south, and eventually I picked up the four snow bunting on the beach, my first in Denmark. A great crested grebe on the sea was my first for Skagen, and I saw 33 species in total. I found a dead cormorant on the beach, and reflected that the name ‘great’ cormorant doesn’t really seem appropriate for a bird that seems so small in death.

After lunch I checked out the bikes, making sure the tyres were pumped up and preparing for my first trip into town to pick up some shopping. After this I spent a long time trying to find fieldfare calls for our MP3 player to hopefully catch some in the garden tomorrow morning. Trying to get a loud enough call was the issue, and whilst I have one, it’s not very loud. Hopefully it will work well with the apples on the ground though.

It’s been a long time since I got on a bike since last year, and this was possibly the worst word direction to cycle into town, as I barely moved without great effort. However it’s all good exercise and it was nice to familiarise myself with the town.

On return, I used a recipe taught to me by Michele, our Italian volunteer from last year and cooked myself pasta in a mushroom cream sauce (I’m not at all confident in the Italian to attempt to write the real name). It was good enough for a first try though. Tomorrow I intend to get up earlier than usual to try and get some thrushes in the mist nets, so unlike a lot of you on a Saturday evening, I went to bed early!

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Snow bunting (snespurv) one of four on the beach northeast of the Lighthouse

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’Great’ cormorant (skarv), doesn’t look so great when compared to the size of a human foot. 


A Fistful of Redpolls

fredag 15. februar 2019
af Peter Denyer

This morning as I was on my own, I didn’t open the nets, and especially didn’t use the calls. Whilst I was writing the diaries and finding places to set up nets for repair I did have the ground trap running. I managed to process around 9 birds during the day, all of them redpolls. More recaptures in the trap than in the net yesterday despite the vast difference in numbers caught between them. Whilst I was working I had a visit from Michael Ancher briefly, who confirmed it was a good morning for redpolls (so I was right not to have the nets open when I was busy with other activities). Apparently we both recaptured the other sites redpolls today, still surprising that it was single figures considering how much ringing had gone on over the two days. 3 greylag geese flew over as we were chatting, my first for Skagen this year, and a mute swan had flown over during a misty period as I was setting up the trap earlier in the morning.

After a few hours, repairing nets outside was very painful for my fingers so I worked with Flemming and found a place inside where I could safely string up nets, out of the wind and cold! Hopefully this will make the job easier and quicker over the next few weeks. Before I even realised it the day was over, but I managed to spend a few minutes looking into Kattergat for any passing seabirds, though all I really saw was two species of gull and some eider.

After a pretty disastrous attempt at cooking something for dinner (will the frying pan ever be clean?!) I spent the evening entering data into DofBasen for my ringing and observation records. I intend to head up to Grenen tomorrow to get some much needed birding in so I turned in around 9pm.

Birds ringed       Birds recaptured
Gråsisken – 6      3


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A mealy redpoll, clearly mocking me by perching on a rolled net . . 

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Redpolls were present all day, feeding on the seeds we’d put out for them, even when I was working about 15 foot away.

Redpoll City!

torsdag 14. februar 2019
af Peter Denyer

The nets were open early this morning (considering the time of year!) and we had the redpoll calls on. From an empty garden, within 30 minutes we had a net full of birds and Simon and I were busy through the morning after only three rounds with birds. It was a very educational morning for me as it’s been almost a year since I last handled redpolls and we had a couple of lesser redpolls (lillle gråsisken) amongst the horde of mealy that we were ringing. There were some interesting patterns of moult present, with a bird that had had an interrupted moult and therefore retained some old secondaries, which was the only one with that kind of issue amongst the 91 redpolls we handled. We also handled a couple of great tits, some greenfinch and a couple of yellowhammer. It was a very busy morning for only five species!

After we’d finally finished, Simon headed off to Aalborg, and I started the weekly clean of the apartment, falling back into the weekly routine. Once that was done, I started to work on the broken mist nets we have from last year. There’s a lot of them, and the issue is trying to find places to erect them for fixing, especially in Skagen where it’s so windy! Nevertheless I managed to find a reasonable place and fixed a few holes, though fewer than I’d have liked, before the wind picked up and the light started to die.

I’d managed to get the daily diary finished before the big bird morning started so once it was dark I busied myself with DofBasen entries, social media and a few observatory computer tasks. My plan for tomorrow is to find a more suitable and permanent place to fix the nets so I can really get going on that before the ringing season really takes off. There were a few birds present during the morning, but the only one I really noticed was a whooper swan that flew invisibly past, calling, during the morning.

Ringed birds                  Retraps

Mealy redpoll - 87           Great tit - 2

Lesser redpoll - 2            Mealy redpoll - 1

Redpoll sp - 2

Yellowhammer - 2

Greenfinch - 3

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Lesser redpoll (lille gråsisken) 

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Mealy redpoll (stor gråsisken)


Welcome back to Skagen

onsdag 13. februar 2019
af Peter Denyer

So I’ve returned to Skagen for another spring season, eager to see what birds I’ll see and what great experiences I’ll have.

I arrived 2 nights ago, and spent the majority of yesterday settling in, remembering names of birding areas, catching up with all the staff at Grå Fyr, seeing what birds were around. Today it was back to normal. Simon led a guided tour of 30 people, the largest we’ve had so far this year. It was a hands on experience, with children and adults helping Simon feed the birds in the garden, and moved on to the lab when we caught a female yellowhammer (gulspurv). Everyone seemed to have a good time.

After this Simon and I spent some time going through some changes in DofBasen on the station computer before he had a meeting at 4’o’clock with Lena and Kurt from the board to discuss the upcoming fuglefestival. I continued to work on the computer with some personal voluntary tasks after this point before cooking a quick dinner for myself.

At 7 Kurt gave a talk in the birders club which was well attended and very enjoyable. Before the talk started I had a chance to catch up with many of the locals I haven’t seen for over half a year which was very nice, still a lot more to catch up with but I’m only two days in! After the meeting Knud Pederson came up to the apartment and we discussed some changes to the reporting of birds on DofBasen and in particular some changes in the reporting of raptors (rovfugle). Simon is off abroad at the weekend, so we spent the rest of the evening going through upcoming tasks and opportunities, and having a quick tournament of shuffleball! I’m looking forward to getting some birding and ringing in over the next few days, and as I’ve not been at Skagen in winter before I’m eager to see how different the bird activity is.

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Sne og blæst, tak som gæst

torsdag 31. januar 2019
af Joshua Emil Haahr

Vi startede dagen med en stor omelet. På gåturen ud til Grenen var ugens snefald så småt ved at være tøet helt væk, og nu var strandens fine sand atter blottet. Bølgerne stod højt i dag. De forbitrækkende sortænder blev skiftevis skjult og så frit fremme igen bag de store bølgevægge. Sulerne var der også gang i. Da vi kom op på klitrækken, hvor vi ville tilbringe de næste par timers tid, sad Rolf på sin arla-mælkekasse. Der var stiv kuling lige i snotten på os, så teleskoperne rystede. Store flokke af alkefugle trak NØ, og det var tydligt at de også kæmpede med den hårde vind. Dagen gav også en del rødlommer, som fløj forbi helt tæt ved kysten. Pludselig kom sneen dryssende ned fra himlen. Vindstyrken speedede snefnuggende op på næsten 100km/t, og når først du bliver ramt i pupillen af sådan én, kan du godt snuppe en kop kaffe, for du kommer ikke til at kunne kigge i skopet det næste stykke tid.

Selv Rolf smuttede tidligt på grund af sneen. Efter et par timer gav vi den forreste klitrække ved Grenensøen et forsøg. Måske der kunne sidde en lapværling mellem sand-hjælmene? En snespurv hoppede frem et par meter foran os, men ingen lapværling. ”Zry-zry zry-zry” lød det inde fra sivene. Bjergpiberne fløj frem og tilbage over Grenensøen, så lidt var der da at kigge på.

Hjemme på stationen igen skulle der gøres rent. Køleskabet fik også en tur. Nu skal der laves risotto med portobellosvampe og rejer. I aften er vores sidste aften her på stationen. Vi vil gerne sige mange tak til Simon fordi vi måtte tilbringe den sidste uges tid her på SFS. Selvom det ikke har vrimlet med sjældenheder, har vi i den grad nydt at være her. Det har nærmest været en lille miniferie for os langt væk fra København, hvor vi bor til dagligt. Der er noget helt specielt over fuglestationen og Skagens ro. Vinden der rusker en i kinderne, bølgernes brusen og hyggen ved at bo i den gamle stationsbygning giver os kun lyst til at komme igen en dag.

Til dig som læser denne dagbog, vil vi bare ønske en fortsat dejlig dag. Vi håber at du en skønne dag får krydset det hul du mangler, og du i morgen tidlig får dosseret den helt rigtige mængde kaffe og vand i kaffemaskinen. Der opstår bare noget magisk når man rammer den perfekte dossering. Så er det som om at alting går op i en højere enhed. Livet skal nok flaske sig til sidst. Selvom sovsen skiller, så smid et par isterninger i og rør lidt rundt igen.

Ha’ det godt så længe!

Folk: Emma Sohnemann og Joshua Haahr




Alketræk og en tur i havnen

onsdag 30. januar 2019
af Joshua Emil Haahr

I dag stod vi tidligt op kl. 0700 for at se noget af det tidlige morgentræk på grenen. I forhold til gårsdagens fantastiske solskindsvejr var denne morgen bare gråt i gråt. Da vi endelig fik sat teleskoperne op på verdens ende kom alkefuglene trækkende forbi. I nogle af flokkene talte vi helt op til 53 individer flyvende igennem disen. Også de forbipasserende rødlommer gav noget at kigge på. Det er altså fedt sådan rigtigt at kunne få styr på dens kendetegn, når der hele tiden kommer en ny over horisonten. De spæde morgentimer gav også en flok stor korsnæb (glyp-glyp), som forsøgte at trække ud fra Grenen. Den store sjaggerflok på omkring 700 individer fløj stadigvæk rundt i krattene frem og tilbage.

Efter morgenobsen var det hjem og få kaffe og så afsted til Skagen havn med Simon. Han tog os rundt på de sædvandlige moler og pladser, hvor vi i hærdigt forsøgte at snuse noget spændende op. Måger var der nok af, men mest bare de almindelige svartbag, sølv-, hætte- og stormmåger. Et par lomvie vuggede rundt i en af bassinerne, og ellers fandt vi en stor skallesluger og den for tiden ”lokale” havlit.

Efter en tur i havnen tog vi hjem og indtastede dagens fugle på DOFbasen, hvorefter vi startede på at tilberede aftensmaden. Det blev til Daal med koriander og creme fraiche – så endte det alligevel med at blive en god dag :-)

Endnu en skøn dag på SFS er forbi og nu er det på hovedet i seng

Folk: Simon S. Christiansen, Rolf Christensen, Emma Engell Sohnemann og Josh Emil Haahr



Solskin og sne, med en skyfri himmel

tirsdag 29. januar 2019
af Emma Engell Sohnemann

I dag startede vi med at forberede årsmøde for ca. 27 i netværket af nordjyske naturvejledere. De skulle deltage i forskellige aktiviteter og foredrag om naturvejledning og frivillighed med Simon som vært. Der skulle laves en masse kander kaffe og borde og stole skulle sættes frem. Når alt var stillet klar, åbnede vi nettene i Fyrhaven i håb om at kunne ringmærke en fugl eller to. Det blev desværre uden held, så vi tog en rask beslutning om at lukke nettene, og tjekke Verdens Ende på Grenen ud. På vej derud så vi 3 stk. rørspurv hoppende rundt mellem tuer af Sandhjælme. Ved første øjekast tænkte vi lapværling, men efter et nøje kig på fotos hjemme var der ingen tvivl. Oppe på verdens ende mødte vi Rolf, som skulle til at gå. Han meddelte at vi desværre var gået glip af to topskarver, som fløj forbi en time inden. Han sagde også at der i Skagen ikke var set tårnfalk i januar måned i hele 9 år, så det var ret sjældent med den observation vi havde ved fyret i går. Med en lille ærgrelse over at vi ikke var her fra solopgang, fortsatte vi obsen. Alke, suler, fløjlsænder og en flok stære blev det til for denne omgang. 

Vi tog efterfølgende en tur i Ellekrattet. Fuglekongerne hang i granerne og vi så en træløber spæne op ad en ellestamme. Den store flok på omkring 500-1000 sjaggere fløj stadigvæk rundt omkring i krattene ud mod sandormesporet. Lidt derfra sad en Misteldrossel i en trætop og skulede over til sjaggerne. Den var nok blev træt af alt det larm og spektakel fra den store flok. På vej tilbage til fyret kom en flok på 12 store gråsisken overflyvende. Efter et kig på billederne som vi tog af dem, afveg en af dem fra resten af flokken. Simon mente det kunne være en hvidsisken, men vi tør ikke bestemme den ved sikkerhed.

Ud på eftermiddagen kom Michael Jørgensen fra Guldmajssøens Venner på besøg til en hyggelig snak. Madlavningen stod på linsebøffer med selleri i ovnen og kål på panden. 

Vi tog en lille nat-tur i åen med vaders på, og et net i hånden, for at forsøge at fange en fugl med lygte og net. Dog blev det ikke nogen fugle, kun rådyr blev set i lygtens skær, så vi kørte hurtigt hjem igen efter en luske tur i åen. Heller ikke blandt høfterne på stranden var der rastende fugle på dette tidspunkt. Lidt over midnat gik vi i seng, efter at have korrekturlæste de sidste ringmærkningsprotokoller fra 2018. 

Det har nu været en helt ok dag, med fantastisk vejr og en masse fugle.

Folk: Rolf Christensen, Michael Jørgensen, Lene Kappelborg, Simon S. Christiansen, Emma Sohnemann, Joshua Haahr & 27 nordjyske naturvejledere


naturvejledere netvaerksmode

Fuglekig, Fuglefrø og Kartoffelmos

mandag 28. januar 2019
af Emma Engel Sohnemann

Om aftenen d.27 januar ankom Joshua og jeg til togstationen, hvor Simon hentede os. Resten af aftenen stod på god mad og VM-finale i herre-håndbold, med en stor sejr til Danmark.

Vi stod op i morges kl 7.30 til et smukt snedækket landskab, efter gårsdagens enorme snevejr i det Nordjyske. Morgenkaffen blev lavet og dagens aktiviteter kunne så småt gå i gang, med bl.a. opsætning af net til ringmærkning.

Inden opsætningen kunne gå i gang skulle der ryddes en del sne mellem nettene, og drysses godt med fuglefrø ud på jorden. Ringmærkningen begrænsede sig til en Solsort og en Rødhals, som allerede var mærket her tidligere. Dog blev de undersøgt, målt og vejet efter god demonstrering af Simon. Joshua og jeg er nemlig ikke helt trænede i at ringmærke, så en lille oplæring i det små skulle der til. Alt i alt en vildt dejlig oplevelse, som jeg virkelig glæder mig til at prøve igen (forhåbentlig i morgen)! Imellem ringmærkningen af fugle, observerede vi fuglene ude over havet. Både trækkende og rastende kom forbi. En del suler, sortænder, skærpiber, skarv, edderfugle, lomvie, alk, snespurve, tårnfalk og dejligt meget mere. da det blev frokosttid, lukkede vi nettene og spekulerede over, hvor gåturen om eftermiddagen skulle gå hen.

Vi tog ekstra varme tøj og sko på, og traskede ud på stranden, hvor retningen var stik mod Grenen. Snevejret tog lidt til og klokken blev omkring 15.30 da vi kom ud til Grenen-søen. Her valgte vi at gå ind over klitterne langs søen i sporene af en ræv, hvor vi fik øje på en kæmpe flok sjaggere ude i horisonten, og intet mindre end en Blå Kærhøg fløj rundt langs med klitterne. Mens vi luskede rundt i rørsumpen kom tre fine skægmejser kaldende. Vi havde et stort ønske om at se bjergpiber ude ved Grenen-søen, men vi turde ikke artsbestemme de flygtige pibere der fløj rundt der. Gåturen gik hjemad mod det grå fyr.

Da vi kom tilbage var Simons far, Gunnar ankommet til Fuglestationen. Den rare Gunnar kørte med Joshua og jeg til Netto for at handle ind, hvorefter vi kunne starte madlavningen til denne kolde vinteraften. Menuen stod på paprikagryde med kartoffel/blomkålsmos til, og en slurk rødvin.

Aftenenmødet blev holdt, og der blev lagt en plan for d. 29 januar, hvor en stor flok naturvejledere fra Nordjylland kommer til årsmøde her. Så vi skal brygge store spand kaffe i morgen tidlig. Langt ud på aftenen tastede vi ind på DOFbasen korrekturlæste mærkning fra 2018

FED allerførste dag på Skagen fuglestation i smukt vintervejr. Så vi læder os til dagen i morgen, hvor de skulle love sol en stor del af dagen.

Folk: Joshua Emil Haahr, Gunnar Sigaard Simonsen, Simon S. Christiansen & Emma Sohnemann



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