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tirsdag 24. november 2020
af Christina Stinn

Today was another indoor day for all of us since the weather wasn’t cooperating for either ringing or migratory seabird counts. As much as we enjoy spending time in the field, we need to wrap up end-of-season activities and get the station ready for winter. We took the opportunity to do a bit of cleaning around the station.

Amelie did an excellent job of tidying up and wiping down the bookshelves in our extensive library:

IMG 3680

Look how organized it looks now:

IMG 3681

I started to clean all of the drawers and cupboards in the kitchen. Even though we have a regular cleaning schedule here, it is amazing how crumbs and dust still manage to settle in the nooks and cracks.

Speaking of crumbs: Since we need to finish off as much food in the pantry as possible before we leave, I also decided to make some date bars today. A sweet treat on a grey November day!

IMG 3683

Jeppe spent the morning in the attic fixing one of our mist nets. Now we only have 15 nets left at Kabeltromlen, which we will be taking down at the end of this week and try to fix before all of us leave. Jeppe also went to the lab to take the Sparrowhawk (Spurvehøg) skull from the water bath and placed it into hydrogen peroxide. That way, the solution can dissolve more of the meat and tendons over the next three or four days.

This afternoon, Martin held an informative and instructive presentation on raptor identification. I had been looking forward to this session for a while because I am terrible at identifying raptors in the field. Martin has many years of bird identification in the field and is always happy to share his knowledge with others. His presentation today was quite valuable for all of us.

IMG 3684

We will upload a video of Martin’s session on Youtube and Facebook in the coming days, so stay tuned for updates!

I will be working on my own session over the next couple of days and will present it on Friday. I will be talking about the value of bird ringing and tagging for conservation efforts. If we have time before we leave, we will videotape the presentation as we did the other sessions and make it available online so that everyone can watch it.

Martin and Amelie are going night catching this evening and are hoping to catch another Woodcock (Skovsneppe). If they do, they will let me ring it so that all of us have ringed at least one Woodcock (Skovsneppe) during our stay – keeping fingers crossed that they have a successful night!

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People: Jeppe Overgaard, Amelie Zeller, Martin Grienenberger, Simon S. Christiansen, Christina Stinn