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What happened today?

onsdag 25. november 2020
af Amelie Zeller

Knud, Martin and Jeppe were migration counting today at Verden’s Ende 3. But still in the first hour they had to change the location because of the strong wind. So Knud made his way to the Kattegat Bunker and when he arrived there, Martin and Jeppe came after him, so they didn’t have to stop the counting in between. The migration today was slow and they mainly counted Alcids. Jeppe also counted all the resting birds. He was also happy to learn some aging of female Eiders (Ederfugl) with Knud.

PHOTO 2020 11 25 18 33 13

Jeppe took a picture of this handsome male Velvet Scoter (Fløjlsand):

PHOTO 2020 11 25 18 33 14

Christina and I stayed at home to do some indoor tasks. Christina was working on a session for us about bird ringing and conservation and I was sorting the picture archive and updating the guidelines for the new volunteers in spring.

Simon went birdwatching today (only for 10 minutes, though), he saw a Longtailed Duck (Havlit) resting close to the lighthouse. Then he had an online meeting about a project for next year about getting children into nature.

Martin and Jeppe were working on the nocturnal migration recordings in the afternoon. Jeppe is very interested to learn about the bird calls and also how to use the devices and softwares, so Martin is teaching him.

We’re looking forward to go ringing tomorrow for probably one of the last times this season…

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People: Knud Pedersen, Jeppe Overgaard, Martin Grienenberger, Simon S. Christiansen, Christina Stinn, Amelie Zeller