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2 traps in one day!

lørdag 27. marts 2021
af Laima Bagdonaite

Hey hey!

The morning started off misty, so we didn't go ringing. Michaela and Jonas woke up early and went out observing at Verdens ende 3 but the visibility was quite low and they could only see approximately 500m over the sea.They did have some scoters (Sortand), sparrowhawks (Spurvehøg), stock doves (Huldue) and 4 terns (Terner), so it wasn't that bad!




WhatsApp Image 2021 03 27 at 12.58.33

Back at the station, Daniel and I got to sleep in until 7am, however being used to waking up, both woke up way before that.. around 5-6am. I made some beetroot hummus for the sandwiches when we go out ringing. And after breakfast we started working on our whoosh net outside. We also opened the lighthouse garden nets and caught some robins and goldcrests, however it soon started raining, so we had to close the nets and go inside. 

As we were closing the nets, Michaela and Jonas came back from observations, so we decided to have breakfast together and I made pancakes! After breakfast, we played some card games. Then, since it was still raining and we couldn't continue working  on the whoosh net, we decided to continue working on the mirror trap instead. With different bits and pieces we picked up in the city yesterday, we successfully finished the trap! 


Meanwhile, Michaela and Jonas were going through night recordings. They heard some migrating thrushes. Also Jonas got to ring a goldcrest! Simon was working on ideas for the project birds for all, where children will come and learn about nature! Then he picked up our new volunteer Mikkel Friborg Mortensen who will stay with us for one week! Then he did some reparations at the guest's apartment and had a nice conversation with them!



After lunch it finally stopped raining, so Daniel and I went outside and finished the whoosh net, too!  We tried it a few times in the garden and then decided we should all head to the beach and try to catch some snow buntings with the new whoosh net! Unfortunately, there were no snow buntings (Snespurv) this time. But we will try again tomorrow!


IMG 20210327 172109


Ringing (Det Grå Fyr):

Rødhals - 5

Solsort - 1

Fuglekonge - 7

Sum = 13 


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Folk: Jonas Pedersen, Simon S Christiansen, Oluf Lou, Mikkel Friborg Mortensen, Berit Alfrida and her sister, Daniel Bloche, Michaela Berdougo, and  Laima Bagdonaite.