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Snowy april's day

mandag 5. april 2021
af Laima Bagdonaite

It was a very windy morning, but Jonas and Daniel got up early and braved the weather to go for the sea observation. They met up with Henrik and Nicole, and our new guests Kristine and Martin but, unfortunately, it was not so eventful. They did have some 30ish kittiwakes (Ride), a nice Peregrine falcon (Vandrefalk), but apart from that it was just freezing cold, so they headed back after 3 hours of observations.

WhatsApp Image 2021 04 05 at 17.32.06

WhatsApp Image 2021 04 05 at 17.32.07 1

Back at the station, Michaela and I got to sleep in a little. I went for a quick walk by the sea but soon realized it was too windy to keep walking. Then we worked on our laptops – Michaela was going through last week’s night recordings (link at the bottom of the blog post), and I was preparing a presentation on Dunnock (Jernspurv) ageing.

IMG 2334

When the guys returned, I made pancakes and we all had a nice breakfast with lots of maple syrup, Nutella and peanut butter (sugar overdose!!!). Henrik and Nicole came by to say goodbyes! Thanks for your company here, and hope to see you soon again! Simon had some time off, therefore he … worked on rarity committee stuff, which he's been a part of for almost 10 years now! Then he also planned new activities for children and parents, and otherwise hasn’t seen any birds.

IMG 2784 

After we finished our weekly food shopping list, we went into town in Simon’s newly cleaned car (and this time made sure not to put sand all over the seats as we usually do..) for some grocery shopping. We always feel like we’re buying too much, but it never is! We also got some stuff for the outdoor photolab which we will work on tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll soon be able to take nicer photos of birds in hand for documentation and ageing purposes! Exhausted after shopping we had lunch at the station, and took well deserved naps.

IMG 2790

Kristine and Martin who arrived yesterday had quite a nice morning, with a lovely walk to Vardens ende, where they had nice observations of many gannets (Sule). Then they were watching birds from outside the station with more shelter from the wind. They saw some red-throated divers (Rødstrubet lom), and even more gannets! Then they went for a walk and saw smaller passerines, a jacksnipe (Enkeltbekkasin), some raptors (Rovfugle). They also went to Hulsig and spent some time on the highest dune, but didn’t see that many birds!Then we all had dinner made by Jonas!

It was a weird weather day, lots of sun, wind, hail and even snow! Looking forward to less windy days, so we can open the nets and ring again!

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Folk: Simon S. Christiansen, Henrik Böhmer, Nicole Böhmer, Kristine Rasmussen, Martin Bjerre Nielsen, Michaela Berdougo, Jonas Pedersen, Daniel Bloche, og Laima Bagdonaite.