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Havgus makes for more productive afternoons (... earlier naps :))

fredag 11. juni 2021
af Michaëla Berdougo

Hi folks! :)

I hope you had a great week!

Rasmus, Jonatan, and Esben opened nets at Kabeltromlen, while Jonas and I went to Sand Clit to observe, and Mikkel slept in, to work on his project.

WhatsApp Image 2021 06 11 at 21.11.05On the way to open nets

Lisa and Simon, who came back from Hirsholmine where they were ringing gull and tern chicks for a few days, joined for ringing. While slower than yesterday, they did catch a Grey Wagtail - Bjergvipstjert, the fifth of the season!

On the observation side, our highlights were an Arctic Skua - Almindelig Kjove, two Arctic Fulmars - Mallemuk, and an Arctic Tern - Havterne in winter plumage, or a second-year bird.

While it was foggy early on, Havgus came in and made it impossible for us to see at sea. We went for a walk and decided to take our scopes closer to the shore to observe gulls. We had some great views (my best to date) of an adult Black-legged Kittiwake - Ride, foraging really close by. We went home after that and took a well-needed nap.

In the afternoon, Mikkel worked on his project and wrote the first draft of his assignment; Jonatan went for a walk; Esben went back to Aalborg; Rasmus worked on sorting the picture archive out; Jonas and I went out to Batterskoven, then Buttervej where we had a lot of Marsh Warblers - Kærsanger. We also stopped at Byfogedeskoven before heading back home.

WhatsApp Image 2021 06 11 at 19.48.06Jonas at Byfogedeskoven

While Mikkel cooked dinner with the help of Jonatan, Rasmus, Jonas, and I went to the old lighthouse garden to set some nets up that will be used for ringing tours later on. We were each covered by 20+ mosquitos... We weren't very impressed.

Dinner was absolutely awesome and very needed! We won't be ringing for the next two days as it will be too windy, so we have planned some other maintenance tasks for the following days.

Wishing you a very good night, talk to you soon! :)


Bjergvipbjerg -1

Vindrossel - 1

Kærsanger -3

Rørsanger - 1 

Gærdesanger - 1

Munk - 3

Gransanger - 1

Løvsanger - 1

Bogfinke - 5 

Sum 15 

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Folk: Simon S. Christiansen, Lisa Vergin, Esben E. Hansen, Jonatan Falke Rumle Pedersen, Rasmus Matthiesen-Juhl, Jonas Pedersen, Mikkel Friborg Mortensen, og Michaëla Berdougo.