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Jerup strand

lørdag 31. juli 2021
af Mathilde Ducroz

Ringing at Kabeltrommlen this morning. Sadly the opening was delayed slightly by rain but, by 6, we were ready to do rounds. The morning was quiet in terms of birds caught. I ringed my first redpoll (lille gråsisken) which was nice otherwise only common birds of the past few weeks were ringed. However, observations were more active. As we were arriving to open, Frank caught sights of a long eared owl (skovhornugle). Simon was very happy to see a manx’s shearwater (almindelig skråpe) from Kabeltrommlen for the first time! As we were closing, Simon and Frank also saw a flock of penduline tits (pungmejse).



The rest of the morning was spent napping and entering the morning’s data. After lunch, around 2, Simon came back to bring me and Frank to Jerup strand to look for waders. We stopped off to pick up Lisa and headed out. The start was quiet and looked as if the trip would not be very fruitful but we ended up finding quite a few species: dunlin (almindelig ryle), oystercatcher (strandskade), crane (trane), curlew sandpiper (krumnæbbet ryle)… I was a bit distracted by the enormous amounts of shells covering the whole beach especially the pelican foot. On the way back, we stopped at Råbjerg mile which was very impressive.



In the evening, Frank made delicious seafood pasta. While eating, it was time for a net check in the garden where we found two birds: a common whitethroat (tornsanger) and a great tit (musvit). Kitrsten was able to do the whole process of extracting, ringing and releasing by herself which she was delighted about. The birds concluded the end of a very nice day.



Ringmærkninge – Kabeltrommlen

Tornsanger 4

Kærsanger 2

Gransanger 2

Munk 1

Havesanger 1

Lille Gråsisken 1

Musvit 1

Ringmærkninge – Fyrhaven

Tornsanger 1

Total 13

Folk på stationen: Mathilde Ducroz, Frank Osterberg , Kirsten, Lisa Vergin og Simon S Christiansen

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