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Last ringing days at the Ligthouse...

onsdag 24. november 2021
af Amandine Doré

 20211123 153741

This morning, everybody was out to observe and try to catch a few last birds before ending this autumn season...

Angela, Rosalina and Justine went out to Jennes Sø where they met Simon to try to catch some Redpolls (Gråsisken). They opened up a few nets and played some Redpolls recordings, but they unfortunately did not manage to catch any. Only one bird, a recapture wren (Gærdsmutte) was caught in the morning...

I went out early in the morning to set up the whoosh net before the sunrise, to try to catch the flock of Snow buntings (Snespurv). This was unsuccessul as well, as the Snow buntings seemed to notice the net and carefully avoided it.

20211123 155945

Robbie and Knud joined me and started the observations. A Caspian gull (Kaspisk måge) was found amoung the hundreds of Herring gulls (Sølvmåge) by Knud, maybe the same indvidual as yesterday's, maybe a new one.. Apart from that, very very few birds were migrating and the sky was quite calm overall...

20211124 085207

A bit later in the morning, we saw, surprisingly, a Barn swallow (Landsvale) flying around Grenen, a very late individual. It was flying very low among the sand dunes, just in front of us.

Since the trapping of Snow buntings was not successful, we decided to try to catch this swallow... So we reconverted the woosch net in a misnet.... But the swallow probably got scared of us moving around and did not come back once we had set up the net.
It then started to rain, and I decided to pack and go back home, soon followed by Robbie.

20211124 103332

In the afternoon, Simon started to prepare a "Julefrokost ", an early traditional danish "Christmas lunch" (that we will have for dinner), while we were occupied by different cleaning/fixing tasks. Angela and Justine fixed the last broken pair of waders. I then entered data with Angela, and checked the last ringing sheets, while Justine, Rosalina and Robbie started to fix some nets in the attic.

Everyone is now helping out with the Christmas dinner and preparing for a nice last evening all together.

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Folk på stationen: Simon S. Christiansen, Rosalina Sø Leth-Nissen, Robbie Lawler, Angela Di Pumpo, Justine Costa, Amandine Dore, Knud Pedersen.