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It's coming it's real

søndag 8. maj 2022
af Robbe Cool

Today, I sacrificed myself to do the morning observations while the others could sleep a bit longer after the long barbecue evening we had yesterday. Surprisingly, I arrived 10 minutes before sunrise at Nordstrand. I had to start the morning observations alone, but Jorgen Hulbaek and Hanelie came to rescue me. Hanelie was still in here sleeping mood: apparently, she was still wearing her pyjamas when she arrived. We saw more birds than the last days with some thousand meadow pipits "engpiber" and nice observations of black-throated divers "sortstrubet lom". Big numbers of gannets "sule" were passing by as well.


Brun Sandspringer

We stayed a bit longer to enjoy the birds without having the pressure to count them and continued our day in Batteriskoven. There, we found many flycatchers, for Hanelie the first spotted flycatchers "grå fluesnapper" she saw. Earlier in the morning an Ortolan bunting "hortulan"  was found and Hanelie tried to see it. Unfortunately the bird was only present for some minutes so by the time she arrived, the bunting left already. Once I came back, I took a nap and went through the nocturnal flight call recordings, but there are still a lot of mysterysounds the analyze whereby Manuel will help me. Before I could answer all the data, Leona called me because a red-breasted flycatcher "lille fluesnapper"  was found in Batteriskoven, a new species for us all. And this showbird made us all happy.


Leona was also happy to see the wood warblers "skovsanger" there. Alice spent her day on writing applications and taking care of the recorder for the soundscape project. In the evening, we were happy to welcome our new guests Lisbeth and Vilhelm.

Let’s hope that we can break the curse of the slow migration tomorrow!

Today’s observations in Dofbasen from observers in the area

Sum of the raptors in the area based on observations typed into DOFbasen the same day

People:  Hanelie Sidhu, Alice Scalzo, Robbe Cool, Leona Gottschalkson, Jørgen Hulbæk Christiansen, Lisbeth Drassech, Vilhelm Michelsen