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Suspens in the office

tirsdag 21. juni 2022
af Alice Scalzo

Today we all wake up quite late after our Nightjar catching, appart from Simon which was already here at eight this morning...
We all needed the rest. Hanelie took care of entering the data and unpacking our equipment from yesterday. Once again she tried to find the path in the reeds, but did not succeed finding it. I took care of my elder flower limonade, it should be ready very soon and I am quite happy about it. Leona booked her train tickets to return home, she will be leave on Sunday. Megan took care of updating yesterday's blog, she also got in touch with Rita, our new volunteer who will arrive tomorrow !

Simon was of course the most busy, as he had a meeting today, about the next exhibition. They are still discussing what exactly will be done, but they have quite a lot of ideas already. It looks very promising ! Niels the chairman, who was attending the reunion, joined us in the afternoon. The tour he had tonight was unfortunately cancelled because of lack of participants. But he still had good news, he managed to get funding by a foundation to have a brand new scope for the station ! And we are very thankful to him because he also donated some money to our food collective !


In the afternoon Hannelie and our guests went to Skagen, to blink's garden where they grow their vegetables and herbs. They also went to see the campfire getting built.

After the evening meeting Simon went through the summer plan, he will leave tomorrow to have some nice vacation !

Have a good evening,




People: Simon S. Christiansen, Hanelie Sidhu, Alice Scalzo, Leona Grottschallesoh, Megan Nepshinsky, our guests Jesper and Hanne, the chairman Niels Eriksen.