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Farewell Skagen !

fredag 5. august 2022
af Nathan Delmas

Hello everyone,

Today was my last day in Skagen. It started with a morning of observations at the tip of the beach. We had a great view of Arctic Skua chasing gulls and terns above the water. We also spotted a Caspian Tern roosting in the middle of the flock.


Arctic Skua flying above the beach


It was also Benjamin last day with us; We all hope he comes back as a volunteer for the Fuglestation in a couple of years.

Unfortunately, it was also my last day here.. I learned a lot when it comes to ringing, identifing and aging birds or seawatching. I want to thank every volunteers I have worked with here, who are amazing people but also the amazing birder community of Skagen that supported us through this month.

I really hope I'll be back soon to see even more of that amazing region.

Take care Skagen !


Nathan Delmas


Today’s observations in Dofbasen from observers in the area

People: Alice Scalzo, Robbie Lawler, Nathan Delmas, Max Laubstein, Benjamin Bech, Peter Kristensen, Knud Pederson, and our guests Margit and Jesper.