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In the summertime

onsdag 10. august 2022
af Manuel Tacke

Together with Frank, who arrived last night and will strengthen our crew in the coming weeks, Robbie, Max and Simon went to cable drums for ringing. The Bergenhusen crew supported us again with the ringing. Knud, meanwhile, sat at Worlds End 3, his sharp eyes fixed on the sea for the Morning Observations. Early in the morning, mild temperatures indicated that it would be a sunny and summery day. Often such days are not very spectacular bird-wise, but some birds still found their way into the net. Black Redstart (Huusrødstjert) is a rather irregular guest in Grenen, usually found more in the built-up area. A Pied Flycatcher (Broget Fluesnapper) already announces autumn, you might say.


When ringing, you sometimes see much earlier that the seasons are changing, suddenly the species composition changes completely within a few days and you notice that something has just arrived. In August, many songbirds migrate rather inconspicuously, but when ringing you usually notice that something is happening quite soon.

Otherwise it was a quiet, sunny day for all of us. Many other people here in Skagen also enjoy it, as the large streams of tourists, cars and caravans indicate. Meanwhile, one of the huge cruise ships arrives in the harbour every day and floods the town with tourists. This is certainly not the most sustainable kind of tourism, but Skagen seems to be a real cruise destination.

Today’s observations in DOFbasen from observers in the area

People: Max Laubstein, Robbie Lawler, Frank Osterberg, Manuel Tacke, Simon Christiansen, with help from Dorothea Engert, Lina Kotschi & Joel Münch.