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A Manx Shearwater "Almindelig Skråpe" in the Morning Obs!

torsdag 18. august 2022
af Hanelie Sidhu

Hi everyone,

 this morning Manuel and I opened the nets and although we had to close again before ten because of the rain, it was actually a nice ringing day. We had the normal variety of birds, highlights were a Fied Flychatcher „Broget Fluesnapper“ and a recaptured Redpoll ssp. Cabaret „Lille Gråsisken” also a Willow Warbler "Løvsanger" that was very likely of the subspecies acredula.


Willow Warbler "Løvsanger" likely ssp. acredula

We were all gathered at Kabeltrommle, Manuel, Max, Kirsten, Simon and I.


Max and Frank in the ringing at Kabeltrommle

Manuel took the Morning Obs from there and also accompanied us on the rounds. We had a nice Osprey „Fiskeørn”. Knud meanwhile was observing in Worlds End 3. Knud meanwhile was observing in Worlds End 3. He had a Manx Shearwater „Almindelig Skråpe” today which is pretty cool. After ringing we went to napping and data entry. And then we tried to catch Falkons “Falk” and they came pretty close! Also Jørgen and Igor, Erik, Jens and a few other birder watched this action.


Looking for the falcons

We're going to try again and we're excited to see if it works out in the next few days. In the evening Kirsten made us a good dinner today. Tomorrow we will be back in the field, maybe we will see each other, see you then, take care!



Ringed Birds at Kabeltrommle:

 Løvsanger: 18

Rørsanger: 6

Rødstjert: 2

Kærsanger: 3

Broget Fluesnapper: 1

Gærdesmutte: 1

Gransanger: 2

Tornsanger: 1

Total: 34


Observations of the day in DOFbasn from observers in the area

People: Knud Pedersen, Max Laubstein, Manuel Tacke, Simon Christiansen, Frank Osterberg, Hanelie Sidhu, Kirsten Bregn