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Gulls in the harbour

fredag 10. marts 2023
af Dante Shepherd

It is still feeling like winter here in Skagen… Migration has mostly been thwarted for now. Johanna went for a long walk to Nordstrand and back this morning. She saw 12 Bearded Tits very close (Skægmejse) near the car park at Nordstrand. Yehonatan and Lauren opened the nets opposite the Lighthouse, they did not catch anything but saw a Woodcock (Skovsneppe). Lauren and I went to the harbour around midday, we were pleased to find a juvenile Iceland Gull (Hvidvinget Måge).

IMG 8519

Iceland Gull

The same Caspian Gull (Kaspisk Måge) from the other day was showing well too, both species alongside each other at times.

IMG 8736

Caspian Gull (below) with Iceland Gull

Simon, Yehonatan and Johanna successfully twitched both birds, a new species for both Yehonatan and Johanna. 

People at the station: Lauren Evans, Johanna Veentjer, Dante Shepherd, Yehonatan ben aroia