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Still cold and snowy

søndag 12. marts 2023
af Yehonatan ben aroia

We started the morning going to do morning observtions all of us together (Yehonatan, Dante, Lauren, Joana ) at Worlds end 1 .  We had anoter slow morning with not much going on, good numbers of Red throated divers (Rødstrubet Lom) and a few very distand Fulmars (Mallemuk) and very few passerines



Reed bunting feeding, Grenen. Photo: Yehonatan ben aroia



Later that day our lovely guests Lars and Anette arrived to the station, Dante and Lauren went to look for some birds, with not many around the station right now, and Joana coocked a lovely dinner, i (Yehonatan) went once again to visit the Iceland Gull (Hvidvinget Måge).



 Later the weather got worse with very strong winds and some snow, and we all stayed in.


People at the station: Lauren Evans, Johanna Veentjer, Dante Shepherd, Yehonatan ben aroia, Lars, Anette