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A busy day at the station!

onsdag 15. marts 2023
af Lauren Evans

As usual, the day started with Dante, Yehonatan and I heading out for morning observations from Verdens Endes 1. Our highlights from our 4 hour watch included 103 Skylark (Sanglærke), 1 Carrion Crow (Sortkrage), 1 Goosander (Stor Skallesluger) and 27 Fulmar (Mallemuk).

After joining us at Verdens Endes 1, Lars birded the local area and saw 3 adder (Hugorm) and a female Goshawk (Duehøg). Later in the day, 2 Golden Eagle (Kongeørn), a White-tailed Eagle (Havørn) and a Rough-legged Buzzard (Fjeldvåge) were spotted from Verdens Endes 1 by Ragnar Smith. Johanna and Simon began preparing the netting site for the season’s ringing which will start very soon.


Cormorant on a nest and Adder by Lars.

In the afternoon, Yehonatan set about mending some pyramid traps whilst Johanna and I headed off to conduct a Fulmar (Mallemuk) survey. Throughout the year, we are walking a number of 10km transect around the Skagen coastline to collect dead seabirds, with a particular focus on Fulmars. These birds are sent to Aarhus University who are investigating plastic pollution and contents in the stomach. Johanna and I also used the opportunity to do a beach-clean and we managed to collect 4 bags of rubbish on our way around as well as 2 Fulmars for the study.

15 March Fulmar Survey

Johanna with two bags of rubbish collected from the Skagen coastline.

A full list of today's observations can be found here.

Skagen Fuglestation: Yehonatan, Dante, Johanna, Lauren, Lars & Anette