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Hoping for better observing conditions...

fredag 17. marts 2023
af Johanna Veentjer

Hi everyone!

Today was another very slow day. The weather was very stormy and rainy as well, so we decided to not do the usual morning observations. But there is also always something to do at the station as well.

However there were hundreds of Mistle Thrushes (Misteldrossel) migrating today, Erik and our guest Lars entered their numbers on Dofbasen, just klick on the link below.

In the afternoon Dante and Lauren went to the harbour. The juvenile Caspian Gull (Levantmåge) is still there. I went in town as well. In the evening we had a really good dinner, made by Dante and Lauren. Hopefully we will have a little more to write about in the next days. Looking forward!

Today's observations of observers in the area

Sum of the raptors in the area based on observations typed into Dofbasen the same day

People at the station: Lauren Evans, Johanna Veentjer, Dante Shepherd, Yehonatan ben aroia