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Ringing as its best

mandag 2. oktober 2023
af Simon Kiesé

Most of today took place at Kabeltromlen. At the same time as the ringers got up, Antonia had to leave us today to go to Blåvand, where she will be helping at the Bird Observatory for the next two months. I can speak for all of us that we will miss you very much. It was a great time and we were able to share beautiful experiences. It's amazing how much you've learned in your short time here, and I'm sure you'll be able to put it to good use and perfect it in the next two months. It started early in the morning here and we were able to ring a few birds in the first round. Especially some Wrens (Gærdesmutte) were conspicuous, as we had had considerably fewer the last few days. In the second round we had the highlight of the day - a Yellow-browed Warbler (Hvidbrynnet Løvsanger)! This is now the second and the cool thing was that this beautiful bird even had a moult limit in the greater coverts (GC), which is rarely seen in this species. This made it easy to determine the age of the bird and to see that it hatched only this year.

ybw 02102023 3

ybw 02102023 1

Then we caught three Lesser Redpolls (Lille Gråsisken) travelling together in a troop. And this was by far the nicest flock I have ever seen! One bird was unringed and got a Danish ring from us. But the other two already had a ring. One was ringed in Sweden, wow! But the other one pleased me even more: a ring from Germany. Just for fun I asked at home, because we had ringed some redpolls in Horumersiel, where I learned ringing in Germany. And the answer took me completely by surprise. The bird we checked today was actually ringed in Horumersiel in mid-April this year. How cool is that?

Shortly before the end of the ringing session Rebecca left, as she will also be leaving us today to return to Scotland to continue her studies. It was a lovely time with you and it was always totally great to see you getting excited about all things natural (from fungi to butterflies). Good luck with your studies and I'm sure we'll see you again!

As we had ringed several birds and were exhausted after the long session, we first had some refreshments and then started to enter all the ringing data. Then Thomas also arrived. He is coming to the UK and will stay with us for the autumn. I am already looking forward to the cool time we will spend together! Tomorrow it is supposed to rain, then I will finally find the time to write the rarity reports for the rarities of the past days.


Ringing (Kabeltromlekrattet):

Goldcrest    Fuglekonge 8                  
 Yellow-browed Warbler Hvidbrynet Løvsanger 1                  
 Chiffchaff Gransanger 13                    
 Blue Tit Blåmejse 39                    
 Chaffinch Bogfinke 1                    
 Reedbunting Rørspurv 5                    
 Blackcap Munk 18                    
 Dunnock Jernspurv 4                    
 Lesser Redpoll Lille Gråsisken 7                    
 Wren Gærdesmutte 15                    
 Robin Rødhals 16                    
 Great Tit Musvit 1                    
 Greenfinch Grønirisk 2                    
 Great Spotted Woodpecker   Stor Flagspætte 1  

Total: 131


 People: Antonia Greil, Hayley Land, Rebecca Cheape, Gustav Nyberg, Simon Kiesé, Thomas Weston, Simon S. Christiansen, Knud Pedersen, Søren Wilhelmsen, Hannah Feldmann, Rika Begemann.

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