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Puffin under Guillemots

mandag 20. november 2023
af Lasse Heckroth

This day started early. Mathilde and Thomas went to Kabeltromlen to continue to take down nets. Luckily the wind decreased a bit over the night and they could open the nets. At least they could catch some birds like Blackbird (Solsort) and Bullfinch (Dompap).

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Simon and I woke up at 07:00 am. to head out for the migration count. Due to the east wind we went like yesterdat to Nordstrand to not be exposed in the wind. The first hour was quiet slow, but some Auks (Lomvie/Alk) were moving again. The second hour was much better in terms of species. In a group of 7 Guillemots (Lomvie) we could spot a Puffin (Lunde) heading east. Super cool to see the size difference between those species. I have never seen a Puffin doing this, funny. As a nice ending a Smew (Lille Skalleslugger) flew by. Really cool, I was missing this bird at Lista Bird Observatory.

Gustav arrived around 10:00am to count the two remaining hours. Unfortunatley, he was not lucky and except of the common species nothing special showed up. At least some groups of Whooper Swans (Sangsvane) flew over.

In the meantime we went back with a short stop to look at some Common Redpolls (Stor Gråsisken) which Michael could catch. Really beautiful birds. Then we continued our way back and we checked quickly the Gull roosting in Grenen and said hello to Mathilde and Thomas.

After lunch we went outside again. Simon and me tried to find the three Penduline Tits (Pungmejse), which were seen in the moring. Instead of Penduline Tits we could see Whooper Swans (Sangsvane) migrating and two flocks of Waxwings (Silkehale). After taking down some more nets it was time for the most interesting task: collecting snails. The first step was to make sure, we can identify the snails right, so we put on waders and went to the stones where they should be. We realized quickly that it was not that easy to find the needed one among all the snails. The waves and the wind were not helping really, so we had to stop. Mission snails failed - but we will try again!

Simon and me used the last light of the day for a quick jump into the sea with a warm shower after. Thomas went to the store to buy everything he needs for cooking while the rest did some office work. Then it was time to go night-catching again. We were also successful today with a stunning Woodcock (Skovsneppe).

IMG 7800 20112023

What a nice second day for me at Skagen. I really enjoy the time here although its only a short time at Skagen for me.

Ringing (Jennes Sø):

 Robin  Rødhals 1                    
 Dunnock  Jernspurv 1                    
 Common Redpoll  Stor Gråsisken 9                    
 Wren Gærdesmutte 1                    
 Great Tit Musvit 1                    
 Blue Tit Blåmejse 2  

Total: 15

Today’s observations on Dofbasen from observers in the area.

People: Thomas Weston, Mathilde Ducroz, Gustav Nyberg, Simon Kiesé, Lasse Heckroth, Michael Ancher, Jeppe Therkildsen Madsen.