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Simon's big departure

torsdag 7. december 2023
af Mathilde Ducroz

We started off the morning by finishing some of the smaller cleaning task that were left including cleaning kitchen windows and drawers as well as the landing with vacuuming a lot of sand! Around 10am, we headed to the harbour to give feeding the gulls another go in the hopes of attracting some different species than Herring gulls (Sølvmåge). We tried out a different spot where we saw the Caspian gull (Kaspisk måge) a few days ago. First, we looked out at sea to check for any birds on the water. And bingo! Thomas and Simon Jr. found a Puffin (Lunde) drifting close to shore. A very nice send-off present for Simon Jr. who’d only ever seen them in flight. This also meant the mission set by Simon Jr. for Thomas was succeeded: he found him a puffin!


(photo by Simon Kiese)

Once it had drifted further away, we went to feed the gulls. The birds that side of the harbour were shyer and only started fighting for the bread once we stepped back slightly. Nothing to report there, not even any colour rings.


(photo by Simon Kiese) 

As it was getting close to Simon Jr.’s train time, we headed to the station. Sad to see him go and remind both Thomas and I that we too are leaving soon and winter closure is upon us. But Simon Jr. will be back shortly though in March. Once he left, we headed back to yesterday’s feeding spot and the birds were a lot less scared and far more daring. Thomas managed to read three colour ring which was a successful trip I’d say.

A22E5597-FD29-436F-9769-9EE3067C73EC.jpegAdult female Herring Gull (Sølvmåge) ringed 7 years ago. Photo: Thomas Weston

We headed back to the station for lunch with a mission to try and eat as much as the leftover food as possible. After, Simon and Thomas checked through the last remaining ringing sheets while I started on cleaning the staircase. I was later joined by Thomas to cleaning the entrance hall and we discovered that there was a lot of sand in the carpet there. The afternoon was spent packing, writing the blog and looking up places in Copenhagen for time there this weekend. Thomas went into town for Christmas shopping and souvenirs. He also went past the spot where a Kingfisher (Isfugl) has been spotted regularly in the last week and managed to get some good views of it. He also brought back cake to share which is always appreciated, especially on the last night.

Now, I still have to write in the guestbook and do a lit bit of packing. Then nachos time to finish the last of the food we have. Sad to leave but you never know I might come back again.

Today’s observations on Dofbasen from observers in the area.

People: Thomas Weston, Mathilde Ducroz, Simon Kiesé and Simon S. Christiansen.