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My/The Last Day

fredag 8. december 2023
af Thomas Weston


Figure 1: Snowy Skagen

I awoke to another day of snowy Skagen, a view that I will not be forgetting anytime soon. This is my last blog today as I am the last one of the volunteers left! This morning I said goodbye to Mathilde who was packed and gone by 8am. I hope she has a great time in Copenhagen with her partner and it doesn’t rain too much. At the time of writing, she will probably be on a train right now, so hopefully it’s a bit smoother than Simon Jr’s journey yesterday. I have also been getting ready to go back home and this meant cleaning the last few things, and eating the rest of the food, though there was not too much. After completing those tasks, I set a challenge for some of the Spring team (Simon Jr knows more about this) which took a little while.


Figure 2: Christmas Kingfisher (Isfugl)

However, it did result in me seeing the Kingfisher (Isfugl) again which was very nice.


Figure 3: Simon Sr with his gull friends.

When completed, Simon Sr was keen to do one last harbour trip. Normally it is Mathilde who writes the harbour trip blogs but today it was my job. Firstly, we went to see if the Puffin (Lunde) was there again but there was no sign today. As a result, we went to our new favourite gull feeding spot in hope for some colour rings. Only the one bird had Norwegian colour rings today but unfortunately it could not be read. However, time was quickly passing and before I knew it, I was catching the train to Aalborg to start my journey back home. I came to the terminal a little earlier than planned so another train trip and I was looking round the Christmas market in the city, a lovely way to finish my Denmark trip this year! I found some nice free Wi-Fi so have decided to write the blog here today.


Figure 4: Christmas Caudatus.    

I am going to miss this place; it has been an incredible couple of months since I first arrived back in October. I have learnt a lot and made some incredible friends who I will remember forever and hopefully meet up with again soon. There is wayyy too much to summarise in one blog post but the memories, the adventures, the birds, and the people have all been phenomenal. A lot of respect for you all, it has sometimes been tough but with an amazing team it has been so rewarding and absolutely flown by. I would like to thank Simon Sr, Lisa, Simon Jr, Hayley, Mathilde, and Gustav (plus all the lovely guests I have met) for an amazing Autumn full of surprises and fun! I look forward to returning next year and in the meantime will be keeping up to date with all things going on here. I wish all the readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with a Christmas Caudatus and wish the Spring team a great start to the season. For those joining, Hayley, Simon Jr and Simon Sr will form another great team and there will be a lot of fun times, I’m sure of it!

Blog posts will become a bit more infrequent over the winter as the station closes but do keep up to date and check in every so often for more updates. :)

Today’s observations on Dofbasen from observers in the area

People: Thomas Weston, Mathilde Ducroz, Simon S. Christiansen.