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Night catches and lots of Wrens!

mandag 25. marts 2024
af Hayley Land

Yesterday evening Simon Jr and Hannes went out with the hand net and thermal hoping to catch something. They were very successful, catching not just one but two birds!

The first was this stunning Rock Pipit (Skærpiber)

25.03.24 Rock Pipit

On their way back they also caught a Jack Snipe (Enkeltbekkasin).

25.03.24 Jack Snipe

The colours on its back were amazing!

25.03.24 Jack Snipe back

After such an exciting evening, it was the usual early start for us all in the morning.

Isis, Hannes and I went ringing and had a very nice steady morning. It seemed to be a day for little birds; we caught a lot of Wrens (Gærdesmutte) and also Goldcrests (Fuglekonge) and Chiffchaff (Gransanger). We also caught this stunning adult male Blackbird (Solsort) who had an amazingly bright orange beak.

25.03.24 Blackbird

We also had a young visitor to the ringing this morning. He enjoyed seeing the birds up so close and then went to find the Hoopoe (Hærfugl) which is still in the area.

Simon Jr and Magnus went to World’s End 3 this morning to do the migration count with Knud. The Glaucous Gull (Gråmåge) is still on the beach and is always nice to see. They also saw two Black-throated Divers (Sortstrubet Lom) and two Sandwich Terns (Splitterne). The strange Common Scoter (Sortand) with white on its breast was also spotted again.

Back at the station we had a very nice lunch of leftovers from Magnus’ birthday lunch yesterday. Later in the afternoon Hannes went to the harbour and saw a Purple Sandpiper (Sortgrå Ryle). Isis and I also enjoyed a walk into the town to get some groceries.

Simon Jr and Hannes are now heading out again with the hand net and thermal. Hopefully they’ll be as successful as last night!

Ringing (Kabeltromlekrattet):

 Wren Gærdesmutte 9    
Jernspurv 1          
Rødhals 3          
Solsort 2          
Vindrossel 1          
Gransanger 3          
Fuglekonge 8

Total: 27

Ringing (Jennes Sø):

 Wren Gærdesmutte  1  
Rødhals 1        
Solsort 1        
Gransanger 2        
Fuglekonge 8        
 Common Redpoll
Nordlig Gråsisken 38        
 Reed Bunting
Rørspurv 1  

Total: 52

Ringing (Nordstjernevej):

 Chiffchaff Gransanger  1
 Goldcrest Fuglekonge 1      
 Common Redpoll Nordlig Gråsisken 12

Total: 14

Today’s observations in Dofbasen from observers in the area.

Sum of the raptors in the area based on observations typed into Dofbasen the same day.

People: Hannes Schäfer, Hayley Land, Isis Khalil, Magnus Houen Lauritsen, Simon Kiesé, Knud Pedersen.