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Even slow days have nice surprises

søndag 31. marts 2024
af Simon Kiesé

It seemed like someone planned to make this day a bit slow to give us more time for doing several indoor tasks and having a nice breakfast. Beside of that we were out in the field to follow our daily activities: ringing and counting.

Since there were not many birds around, the ringers did not get really busy. Following to that, a male Fieldfare (Sjagger) was appreciated even more!

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If we would have ignored the Red-throated Divers (Rødstrubet Lom) and Ducks (And) at Nordstrand, there would not have been any birds left to count. Fortunately, at least the Diver and Duck counters had enough to do to not get bored. The others just enjoyed the chilled morning. When two adult Shags (Topskarv) passed by, the atention of everybody was back on the Sea. Scanning the ducks got rewarded with several Shovelers (Skeand), three Scaups (Bjergand) and six Long-tailed ducks (Havlit).

After having a nice breakfast with nice (Easter) Eggs, we were productive entering data, put our clothes in the washing mashine or taking a needed nap. Later Simon Sr. came around to check sheets and our first guests of the season arrived. They are very nice and joined our evening meeting. Afterwards, Hanelie and I set up a net in the old lighthouse garden in hope to catch a Short-eared Owl (Mosehornule) later. I think a Shorty in the hand would be one of the absolute greatest things now, I love those birds. Wish us luck, happy Easter!

Ringing (Kabeltromlekrattet):

Dunnock   Jernspurv 1  RI                
 Goldcrest  Fuglekonge 14 RI                  
 Chiffchaff  Gransanger 7 RI                  
 Reed Bunting  Rørspurv 1 RI                  
 Blue Tit Blåmejse 6 RI                  
 Robin Rødhals 10 RI                  
 Wren Gærdesmutte 8 RI                  
 Fieldfare Sjagger 1 RI                  
 Blackbird Solsort 4 RI                  
 Redwing Vindrossel 2 RI

Total: 54

Ringing (Jennes Sø):

 Lesser Redpoll  Lille Gråsisken 3 RI                  
 Chiffchaff Gransanger 2 RI                
 Goldcrest Fuglekonge 10 RI                  
 Common Redpoll  Nordlig Gråsisken 21 RI

Total: 36

Ringing (Nordstjernevej):

Great Tit  Musvit 1  RI                
 Chaffinch  Bogfinke 1 RI

Total: 2

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Sum of the raptors in the area based on observations typed into Dofbasen the same day.

People: Hayley Land, Isis Khalil, Hanelie Sidhu, Magnus Houen Lauritsen, Jonas Pedersen, Simon Kiesé, Knud Pedersen, Simon S. Christiansen, Lisa Vergin, Michael Anker