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mandag 1. april 2024
af Hanelie Sidhu

Hi everyone,

I arrived a week ago in Skagen and now it is my pleasure to write the blog of today.

I will start with the incidents of last night. In the evening, Simon jr. and I put up the net to catch Short-eared Owls (Mosehornugle). There were two in the area and Simon even spotted one on a three just next to the net! But it was too smart to fly in. We also went out with flashlight and hand net and could observe the owl hunting but there was no chance for us to catch it. But we had another interesting observation: In the light of the lighthouse, we could see birds close to the top of the lighthouse in the fog. Simon and I decided to climb up the lighthouse and took the hand net with us. There were some Robins (Rødhals) and some birds flew very close and a few birds were even so attracted by the light, that they were fluttering at the bright windows on top of the lighthouse. We managed to catch a Robin (Rødhals) and a Goldcrest (Fuglekonge). Hayley joined us on our nightly trip to the top of the lighthouse and back down in the lab, we ringed the birds. It was the first time birds were caught attracted by the light of Det Grå Fyr here in Skagen and an interesting observation to see that.


Ringing (Det Grå Fyr)

Rødhals: 1

Fuglekonge: 1

Total: 2

After Hayley and I went to bed and Simon took care of the owl net, but there was no owl this night.

It was a rather short night, still in the fog, Isis and I went to Kabletromle the next morning, but it cleared up, while we were opening. While opening we heard flight calls of many migrating Redwings (Vindrossel) and it continued the whole morning. They were too high though, to fly in our nets. Hayley came for the first round and we three had a slow day at Kabletrommle. The highlights were two Coal Tits (Sortmejse), which are always getting admired in hand.Sortmejse resjpg

Ringing (Kabeltromlekrattet)

Jernspurv: 2

Rødhals: 6

Solsort: 3

Fuglekonge: 7

Gransanger: 1

Sortmejse: 2

Blåmejse: 1

Musvit: 2

Total: 24

Simon jr. joined us for a bit in the ringing but then went to Worlds End one to join Jonas and Magnus. It was the right decision of him because this morning's observation had a record of this spring: 10 Shags (Topskarv) were observed from World´s End one, six of them in one flock. Also, a good number for the Skagen area of 41 Long-tailed Ducks (Havlit) were observed.

Todays observations from obseervers in the area

Our guests Dorthe and Kjeld joined us for a bit at the ringing and then went to the observers to World´s End one. After, they enjoyed being out in the area equipped with the camera.

It turned to be a bright and sunny day so I decided to have a walk after ringing. I went down to the tip, a bit along the beach and then to Cormorant Lake. Already 41 Cormorants (Skarv) were sitting on their nests in expectation to start breeding soon.

Back at the lighthouse, the team got a petrifying call from Simon sr.: The Hoopoe (Hærfugle) was hit by Sparrowhawk (Spurvehøg) and should soon be placed in the care of the animal care centre.


Sparrowhawk (Spurvehøg) ad. male by Kjeld Poulsen

Now, it was at Jørgen's place and we could go and see it. After the first shock, Simon jr. identified that as an April joke. So don´t worry the Hoopoe (Hærfugle) is still as healthy as before.

Jonas left the station this afternoon, ten Shags (Topskarv) is not bad as a farewell, thanks for your company!

When I came back to the station from my walk, Hayley and Isis had already taken care of the data entry and Simon and Magnus had had a beer with Rolf. But it was soon time for blowing easter eggs, which we then painted with birds – and a mouse! While we were painting, Martin and Tobias came to say hi, they will help the team in the weekends this spring. Simon sr. was our chief today and cooked us a tasty easter omelette.


After, the team had to choose the prettiest easter egg. My White-crowned Wheatear (Hvidkronet Stenpikker), a species from the far and hot desert won!


Tomorrow, the weather forecast looks very bad, with a lot of rain, maybe even snow and quite strong wind. Probably an indoor day, but we are looking forward to being in the field again as soon as possible.

See you!


Sum of the raptors in the area based on observations typed into Dofbasn the same day

People: Hayley Land, Isis Khalil, Hanelie Sidhu, Magnus Houen Lauritsen, Jonas Pedersen, Simon Kiesé, Simon S. Christiansen, our guests Dorthe and Kjeld