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Ferruginous Ducks and a Pallid Harrier record

onsdag 15. maj 2024
af Hayley Land

There was lots going on this morning for Simon Jr and Magnus at the count, and Sean at the radar, with many Honey Buzzards (Hepsevåge), two Shags (Topskarv), four Red-footed Falcons (Aftenfalk), Golden Oriole (Pirol), Bee-eaters (Biæder) and over 800 Yellow Wagtails (Gul Vipstjært).

15.05.24 Yellow Wagtails

Yellow Wagtails (Gul Vipstjært)

The excitement increased further when two Ferruginous Ducks (Hvidøjet And) were seen flying and then landing with a Tufted Duck (Troldand). This is only the third record of this species for Skagen so very nice to see!

Another interesting record today was that of Pallid Harrier (Steppehøg). There was so many counted that the previous day record for Skagen (96 birds) was broken and a new record set!

And the raptor excitement didn’t end there. In the afternoon, a possible Lesser Kestrel (Lille Tårnfalk) was reported so of course the search began to try and find it. Unfortunately, we had no luck with that species this time. A Lesser Spotted Eagle (Lille Skrigeørn) was also reported to land south of town so we’re very hopeful about seeing that one tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!

It was a quieter morning for Isis and I at Kabeltromlen with few birds in the nets. However, we caught our second Icterine Warbler (Gulbug) of this ringing season and also a pair of Siskin (Grønsisken) who were caught in one net and released together. It was very nice to see them side by side and admire the particularly bright plumage of the male.

15.05.24 Siskins

Female and male Siskin (Grønsisken)

More exciting bird news also came in later today. The Swift Sp. seen and photographed a couple of days ago by Simon Gillings, our visitor from the BTO, has now been confirmed as a Pallid Swift (Gråsejler). You can see in the photo below that it has slightly paler plumage than Common Swift (Mursejler).

Pallid Swift 13 05 24 Simon Gillings

Pallid Swift (Gråsejler). Photo by Simon Gillings.

It wasn’t all about birds today either. Another day highlight was a Minke Whale (Vågehval) spotted by Knud at Nordstrand. And then later I had an unexpected encounter with an Adder (Hugorm) which I found stuck to some sticky packaging tape just outside the lab. Mette and Jens from the lighthouse came to help me unstick it; we eventually managed to get it free and released it behind the lighthouse. Thankfully it seemed to be ok despite its sticky experience and slithered off without any problems. Simon and Magnus, and later Karen-Marie, saw a different Adder (Hugorm) hanging out around the door of the lab.

15.05.24 Adder

Adder (Hugorm)

Our busy busy day is now concluding with data entry, raptor summaries, preparations for CES tomorrow and grocery shopping. We are very happy to have got our bikes back from the mechanic today and look forward to trying them out bright and early tomorrow!

Ringing (Kabeltromlekrattet):

Tree Pipit Skovpiber 1
Wren Gærdesmutte 1
Icterine Warbler Gulbug 1
Lesser Whitethroat Gærdesanger 2
Garden Warbler Havesanger 1
Blackcap Munk 1
Chiffchaff Gransanger 1
Willow Warbler Løvsanger 8
Siskin Grønsisken 2

Total: 18

Today’s observations in Dofbasen from observers in the area.

Sum of the raptors in the area based on observations typed into Dofbasen the same day.

People: Séan Walsh, Hayley Land, Isis Khalil, Magnus Houen Lauritsen, Simon Kiesé, Simon S. Christiansen, Karen Marie Holk