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The Start of a Slow Weekend

fredag 5. juli 2024
af Lucas Corneliussen

The start of the start began when the clock struck midnight. Myrthe and I enjoyed the music festival in town with Lisa and Simon and then we cycled home to Det Grå Fyr after a very nice evening of festivities. Arriving back at the lighthouse at 12:30 AM, we decided we would head out to Grenen in the hopes of catching some Dunlin (Ryle) on the beach. Unfortunately, despite our efforts, the weather conditions were not in our favor and the birds were able to detect us long before we were able to get close enough to them. Arriving back at the station around 03:00 AM, we went to bed defeated.


The sleep we got tonight was unfortunately undeserved, but needed nonetheless. Myrthe and our fabulous guests, Jeppe and Linda, went for a walk out to Grenen in the mid-morning only to be rained on by a strong thunderstorm. The story of the day - lots and lots of random periodic rain. Although, despite the rain, we still were able to complete a task that we had been procrastinating for the past week: FIXING THE BIKE! We finally did it (with the help of ‘Batman’ - otherwise known as Simon). Thank you for the help Simon!


The afternoon from my perspective was compromised of rest and studying of the moult patterns of the species we could possibly catch and ring in the coming weeks! Then the fun came, Jeppe and Linda took Benjamin to Netto to buy what he needed for dinner, PIZZA! We all made some great home-made pizzas which were quite nice and watched the Germany-Spain Euros match, What a great game. Tomorrow we head out for  morning observations at dawn - we will have to see what we find.

Vi Ses!

People at SKAF: Lucas Corneliussen, Benjamin Bech, Asia Kane, Myrthe Van Brempt, Simon S. Christensen, Jeppe & Linda.

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