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After rain comes sunshhh... more WIND

søndag 7. juli 2024
af Myrthe Van Brempt

It’s an understatement to just say it is windy today; it is crazy windy! You literally get blown away when you walk outside and so are the sandwich terns (Splitterne). It is very nice to watch them play in the wind though. They are working so hard to get a yummy meal.

We all slept in this morning and took it easy today. I went for a walk to Grenen and did some morning yoga on the beach. It felt really good except for the wind sandblasting my legs and hurting my eyes. ;p


Photo: Benjamin.

Even though it is so windy outside, the sun is still out sometimes and it is actually a pretty nice day. We all relaxed in the afternoon and went for a walk out once in a while. Asia enjoyed a really good view of a common tern (Fjordterne) and the surprise of a frog crossing the road. Benjamin took his camera outside and got some great photos of sandwich terns while Lucas worked on some data. I took the opportunity of free time to paint some birds for my bird sticker project while listening to a podcast. And then our new guests arrived in the apartment next doors, welcome!


Little bird paintings I made for my bird sticker project. Let me know if you have a bird request :)

After filling our stomachs with a lovely pasta made by Lucas, we discussed our plans for tomorrow. Luckily, it is going to be a way more eventful day than today. Oof! At least we will be rested well and can concur the coming week of early set alarms for counting and ringing. Great times are coming!


As every day, there were some common eiders (Edderfugl) and a common guillemot (Lomvie) roosting on the bunker. Look at that juvenile sandwich tern (Splitterne) photobombing :)

Now, we are about to start a game of birds every birder gets excited about: wingspan! Let’s get the bird cards out and lay some eggs.


People at SKAF: Lucas Corneliussen, Benjamin Bech, Asia Kane, Myrthe Van Brempt, Mark & co :)

Link to today's observations from observers in the area