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New Bikes!

tirsdag 9. juli 2024
af Lucas Corneliussen

Today once again started out quite late in the day. With not much happening on the ringing side, and only a few more days until the standard begins for daily observations, we took the time to sleep in and rest up. However, we got some great news recently! We finally received the funding to purchase new bicycles to support our withering stock. So around 11 AM, Simon arrived at the station to take us to town to pick up our new bikes!!! Hallelujah! They are fantastic. We got 2 new city bikes with baskets and three Mountain bikes (although one unfortunately did not arrive yet).


Arriving back at the station around noon we made a quick lunch (Pølse from the kiosk!) before opening the Fyr Havn nets for the tour (no one came). This gave us the opportunity to fix the nets that needed fixing and take down a net with extreme damage. The rest of the afternoon was filled with chores which needed to be down around the station. We had been procrastinating fixing the holes in some of the waders, only to find all three pairs had holes in the boot and were beyond repairable. What a shame. Myrthe, Benjamin and I then headed out to Kabeltrommelen to go and check the nets after the storm and fix the tent. Thank goodness it was in decent shape. Mark made dinner tonight which consisted of potatoes and vegetarian sausage! It was very good. Thank you Mark! And so, another day passes - what will tomorrow bring? We will have to wait and see.


Vi Ses!

People at SKAF: Lucas Corneliussen, Benjamin Bech, Asia Kane, Myrthe Van Brempt, Simon S. Christiansen, Mark & co :)

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