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The good weather is back!

lørdag 23. juni 2018
af Michele Pes

This morning we wake up at 4:00! Per and I go ringing in Grenen. It's a nice sunny and not a windy morning. Simon reaches us for the first check of the nets. During the mornings we get some recaptures, some nesting birds, and some juveniles just fledged from the nest. In the late morning we close the mist-nets and go back to the light house, to rest for a few hours. We find Johan and Igor at work with their technological equipment. After lunch, we update on the databases the ringing data and the observations data.

Today is my turn to cook dinner, by popular demand I prepare the “pasta alla carbonara” Italian style, was much appreciated, especially by Per, John and Igor who had never tried it before. During dinner Simon tells me that tonight there will be a big fire on the beach, near the white lighthouse, to celebrate the summer solstice, of course I decide to go! Immediately after dinner Peter comes back from his trip to Copenagen. Simon and Per remain at the observatory to watch the football match Sweden-Germany, go Sweden!

Ringed birds                  Recaptures
1 Garden warbler          2 Reed warbler
2 Blackcap.                   1 Lesser Whitethroat
4 Lesser Whitethroat    2 Whitethroat
1 Reed bunting             1 Reed bunting
1 Robin
1 Chaffinch

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