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You never forget how to fix a bike. .or apparently you do . .

onsdag 27. juni 2018
af Peter Denyer

The moth trap was open again last night and Simon caught another poplar hawkmoth. That was the only catch of the morning however as we were all wrapped up in computer work, entering fieldwork data, writing the diary entries and entering fieldwork data. Also, as it was a Wednesday the main task was to clean the apartment and the laboratory. With only two people this took quite a lot of time!

After cleaning, and lunch, Michele and I headed out to the CES site to make sure the nets were intact for tomorrow’s session. Unfortunately two of the panels on one net had been cut, jury’s out as to whether it was a human or animal pest that caused the damage. We repaired the damage and hoped it wasn’t repeated before we come tomorrow morning. After we returned I was given some schooling by Michele and Simon in how to fix a bike puncture! Before I came to Skagen, I hadn’t used a bike outside of a gym for 15 years. Needless to say the first few weeks of riding everywhere were . .painful! And it seems Danish tyres are different to English as I just couldn’t get the patch to stay on (or that’s my excuse anyway). I scurried away as fast as humanly possible after this and went for a swim in Kattergat. Fantastic temperature and superb visibility, only slightly marred by getting stung by a jellyfish!

Simon cooked us a lovely dinner, a very Mediterranean style pasta bake, and we discussed the activities of the coming weeks, not just the current, as we have some tasks that need completing before the end of July.

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A hawkmoth caterpillar of some species that Michele and I found on the way to the CES site.