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Good weather for BBQ’s

mandag 9. juli 2018
af Michele Pes

This morning we had plans to go to ring in Grenen, but the strong wind did not allow it. Joakim and Mads take the opportunity to go birdwatching, while Peter and I are at the birder's club to welcome visitors and work on the pc. At 10.00 am there is a tour guide for a family of 11 Danish people. During the afternoon Simon has a meeting with the freelance journalist Søren Shov. Later, in anticipation of his absence periods during July and August, Simon plans with Peter and me the activities and logistics of the observatory for the rest of the summer. Later in the afternoon Peter goes to monitor the cormorant colony, and a new guest arrives in the observatory, his name is Prepen and he will stay with us for twelve days. Morten prepares excellent hamburgers for dinner, which we roast and eat outside in the garden, until too much wind compels us to return home.
After dinner we have a daily meeting, plan activities for the week, and go to sleep.

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Cormorant colony, with lots of almost fledged juveniles.

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Juvenile cormorant almost ready to leave the nest.