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We ringed a bird!

tirsdag 24. juli 2018
af Peter Denyer

Much like the other days, the wind is too strong to put most nets up, however we have a booked in guided tour, so we open five of the garden nets and manage to catch a juvenile whitethroat. There’s quite a lot of visitors for this tour, including some of our guests, and we manage to see some kestrels and a few other birds whilst doing the tour. Once this is over we close the nets and continue with other tasks, such as being available in the birders club for visitor questions and the usual computer work. I head into Skagen to pick up a few medical supplies to use as an ersatz first aid kit until we can get hold of a genuine one and do some food shopping whilst there.

For dinner tonight I cook my usual chilli, and and we retired early as we have to get up early for the CES tomorrow . .