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New arrivals.

søndag 29. juli 2018
af Peter Denyer

A late morning due to the late evening, but we do get the nets up in the garden briefly. It only do we get a juvenile tree sparrow, but we also caught three whitethroats, all of which were during a guided tour, which was great for the visitors.

During the morning the next guest for the apartment, Hele, arrived, we got her settled in and introduced to everyone and then she went exploring for the afternoon. Her friend Lyla, who also arrived a little later, is one of our ambassadors and will be joining Michele and I with various visitor entertainment tasks.

For dinner I cooked a stir fry, and ran through the evening meeting, showing Lyla what her tasks would be, what the cooking rota will be for the week etc etc. The ladies went out for a walk over to Grenen afterward, before we all hit the sack.

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Juvenile tree sparrow