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tirsdag 9. oktober 2018
af Molly Brown

Today was still a bit too windy for ringing, so we all went out observing (James, Sarah, Dorthe and I). We joined Rolf at the World’s End and saw Parrot and Common crossbill (Lille and Stor Korsnæb) and 2 Waxwings (Silkehale). I left after a couple of hours and walked along to Nordstrand, and then back to the tip- I was hoping to see some Snow Buntings (Snespurv) but I was unsuccessful. However I had a bit more luck walking from Grenen back to the station where I saw a guillemot (Lomvie) close to the shore and a great crested Grebe (Toppet Lappedykker), Rock pipits (Skærpiber) and wheatears (Stenpikker) which was nice! After I left the others at Worlds End they saw a Jack Snipe (Enkeltbekkasin) and an unknown harrier species which James is determined to see more of!!!

When I arrived at the station Simon was back from his trip to Aalborg. In the afternoon James and Sarah went on a Nutcracker (Nøddekrige) search but were again unsuccessful, I then joined them in town at the cemetery to look for Waxwings in the trees there but no luck yet! James also went to try and find the harrier going in to roost with the Olympus camera but no sign of it. Simon cooked dinner which was nice.

People: Molly Brown, James Butcher, Sarah Bedford, Dorthe Schimdt, Rolf Christensen, Simon S. Christiansen.