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Great White Egret

torsdag 21. marts 2019
af Dante Shepherd

With fog I wasn’t expecting much on my daily migration count at Grenen. However I was pleasantly surprised with a Great White Egret/Sølvhejre which I found flying in off the Skagerrak. A new speceis for Hebe who had come along with me! It was too windy to open the nets back in the garden so Peter put the traps out. Annoyingly for him the birds in the garden have becom used to the traps and they all outwitted him this time. When we arrived back Gitte had baked cinnamon rolls. They were wonderful!

In the afternoon Gitte, Jens Peder and I went to the cormorant lake/skarvsøen to see how they were getting on. Not much of an increase in breeding activity compared to Mondays visit but its always nice to get out there. Whilst the others were fixing nets in the evening Gitte and I cooked bolognese and roast cauliflower. It was Simons last evening before he heads off to Israel at midday tomorrow!

People: Dante Shepherd, Peter Denyer, Simon S. Christiansen, Hebe Denny, Gitte og Jens Peder Holm

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Me out near the cormorant lake