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lørdag 23. marts 2019
af Dante Shepherd

Peter was up early for a day out with friends down south to see Tengmalm’s Owl/ and Nutcracker (unfortunately it turned out he saw neither!). Hebe and I had a nice morning at Grenen with Iceland Gull and Great Skua. After lunchtime Gitte, Jens-Peder, Hebe and I took a trip to Råbjerg Mile. What an amazing place and I would never imaged such a large and migrating sand dune in northern Europe! After a quick visit to Ålbæk Harbour, which was amazing, we met up with local birder Hans (can’t remember his last name!) and did some birding in the area. It was a bit windy but we still saw Cranes, Swans, Goldeneyes and a Peregrine. Thanks again Hans!

In the evening Joakim (a new volunteer who is here for 4 months) and Nils (a board member of the observatory who had had a meeting with several people from the lighthouse/exhibition earlier in the day) arrived. Hebe and Jens-Peder cooked chicken curry for dinner and it was great.

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Råbjerg Mile top Ålbæk Harbour below