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Incoming rarity

lørdag 20. april 2019
af Anna Moulin

Today began with me, Dante and Joakim heading to Grenen for an extraordinarily quiet, and beautifully still, morning, and Hebe to North Strand. After watching a pod of over 20 porpoises, we eventually got some views of white-tailed eagles (havørn) and other raptors.

After a quiet afternoon strolling around the observatory, we met back at the observatory for the daily data input. It seemed like an uneventful day, until one of our guests, Henrick, spotted an Alpine Accentor (alpejernspurv) just in the observatory garden! One of only 15 ever found in Denmark, and the fourth for Skagen, this little bird attracted a lot of attention! Within minutes, we were sitting by the beach watching it hop from rock to rock as the sun set. Another incredible day.

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Folk på Stationen: Joakim, Hebe, Simon, Dante, Anna, Henrik, Nicole, Michael

Ringmærking at Jenne Sø:

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Sum- 72