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The Icterine Warbler arrived!

tirsdag 14. maj 2019
af Marie Heuberger

Today was a quite good birding day. We went to Grenen early in the morning. The sunrise was stunning. We saw a Caspian Tern (Rovterne), a Little Tern (dværgterne) and a Ortolan Bunting (hortulan). I returned to the observatory around 8 o'clock and then we started ringing and had a guided tour. After the tour Joakim and I continuied with the ringing, but we only catched about 6 birds in total - so not a good day. But while we closed the nets, we heared the first Ictrine Warbler (Gulbug) this year. So another new arrival made it to Skagen! Furthermore, Lisa and Daniel arrived, who were volunters here last year an are visting us for one week.

IMG 4358

Ringing (Det Grå Fyr):

Rødhals                                                 1

Rødstjert                                             3

Sangdrossel                                        1

Løvsanger                                           2

Total: 7

Folk: Simon S. Christiansen, Daniel Bloche, Hebe Denny, Marie Heuberger, Dante Shepherd, Joakim Matthiesen, Lisa Vergin