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Almindelig Skråpe

tirsdag 11. juni 2019
af Hebe Denny

In the morning, Marie, Jonas and Dante headed out to Verdenes Ende. Soon after they arrived, they saw a Almindelig Skråpe! (Manx Sheartwater) It was quite distant.. but brilliant all the same. They later also saw a Spidsand. So though the weather was a little wobbly, it was a good morning. 

Meanwhile, Michele, Joakim and I were in the ringing. Weather was not on our side and we had a quiet morning with two Tornsanger in the nets, and some snoozing,  though we hopefully watched some large flocks of Siskin passing over our heads! 

Back at the observatory, we got on with some tasks for the day, and caught up on some sleep. Meanwhile, the guests headed out exploring and visited the art museum in Skagen. 

I spent some of the afternoon then cooking dinner and after we ate, we spent a chill evening with lots of laughs reminising on the past few months. Quite a chilled and lovely day!! 


Sunrise at Grenen

Ringing (Sardinkrattet): 

Tornsanger - 1

Total: 1

Folk: Dante Shepherd, Hebe Denny, Joakim Matthiesen, Marie Heuberger, Jonas Pedersen, Michéle Pes, Simon S Christiansen, Kirsten og Erik