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Second attempt Nightjars

onsdag 26. juni 2019
af Michele Pes

Today, Joakim and I woke up early to go ring in Grenen at 4:30.

We open the nets for four hours, it is not a morning with many catches, but we ringed some juveniles birds of the year, including the first Lesser white throat (1 C.y.), and some interesting recaptures.

Marie also woke up early this morning to go to the observation point in Grenen.

In the late morning we go back to the Observatory, and after having worked on the PC and lunch we decide to sleep a few hours in the afternoon, because we have planned to try again to catch nightjars tonight.

Simon has a meeting with Lene in the afternoon to plan the observatory's future activities.

Later our dear guests Anne and Jesper prepared a delicious fish dinner for us!

Immediately after dinner we get together to plan the activities for the following days, and review the details for tonight, after which we prepare all the equipment to catch the nightjars.

We leave after a few hours, at 9.30 pm, and after half an hour by car and ten minutes walk we are on the spot.

We assemble the nets carefully but quickly and position the calls.

Now we just have to wait, and hope that some nightjar goes into the nets ...


Ringing (Sardinkrattet):

-Kærsanger        1

-Grønsisken       1

-Munk                 3

-Tornsanger        3

-Gærdesanger   3

-Havesanger      1

                Tot.:   12

People: Marie Heuberger, Michele Pes, Joakim Matthiesen, Simon S Christiansen, Anne and Jesper Sandfeld.