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Goodbye Marie!

søndag 30. juni 2019
af Michele Pes


We can't open the nets in Grenen this morning because it's too windy.

I take this opportunity to sleep a little more and put some things in the Observatory.


During the morning I cut the grass from below the nets we placed around the observatory, which we use for ringing tours.

Marie got up early this morning to spend her last morning in Grenen.

Late afternoon I decide to take a walk near the beach, there is a lot of wind.


Later, Anne and Jesper prepared us a delicious dinner, a typical Danish dish, accompanied by an exceptional dessert the Fløderboller!

Tonight is Marie's last night here, which will leave early tomorrow.

IMG 20190629 194846

The more we decide to go and ring tomorrow morning in Grenen, we hope it's a good day.

Goodbye Marie! :)

People: Marie Heuberger, Michele Pes, Joakim Matthiesen, Anne and Jesper Sandfeld.