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Can't spell Ornithology without Entomology

onsdag 10. juli 2019
af Martin Georgiev

The day started with an awesome ringing tour delivered by the lovely Joakim which involved 11 humans and 2 whitethroats! Since Mark is visiting us for a week we made sure to have as many interesting lectures and workshops with him such as a overall talk on the migration of birds with a focus on the response of birds to windfarms and the aerodynamics of flight. As Wednesday is our cleaning day at the station we made sure everything was squeaky clean by the end of the day. Nothing better than a sparkling house after a long day of field work. For me personally the highlight of the day was a weaver beetle (Lamia textor) which I found while cleaning the lab. The weaver beetle is a member of the long-horned beetle family and despite being a North Asian species it is widely distributed throughout all of Europe. The larvae develop in willow trees and the adults are one of the largest Coleoptera species in Denmark. We kept it in a enthomological containder for about two hours which allowed it to capture the imagination of many of our visitors during the day, especially the young ones. The size and robustness of the beetle combined with its relaxed temper made it an awsome specimen to handle which - perfect for enlightening our visitors with some amazing entomological knowledge!

weaver beetle


Ringing (Fyrhaven):

Tornsanger – Whitethroat - 2

Total: 2

Mark Desholm, Simon S Christiansen, Joakim Matthiesen, Martin Y Georgiev and Christina Ninou.