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A hot day

søndag 22. september 2019
af Yehonatan ben aroia

The morning started in a very nice ringing with me, Judith, Laia and Morten. The morning was very foggy and almost no visibility which helped us in the ringing because the birds couldn’t see the nets very well as sometimes so the first round was busy with almost 20 birds and the other rounds where a bit slower but we still ended up with 34 bird. While we where out at Kabeltrommelkrattet, Michael Ancher was taking care of the ringing at Jennes Sø.


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here is a Chiffchaf (Gransanger) that liked Judith very much.

In this time Christian was doing observation in worlds end 3 where we usually sit. It was quite a slow morning for seabirds, much slower than the days before but still a few skuas here and there, but a nice flock of around 50 Brent geese were the highlight.

When we finished the ringing, our new volunteer Laia and Judith joind Knud for a tour about the life project that started in the observatory and then the area around it. Many people joined the tour and Knud made it very interesting with his knowledge about the area.

Skagen tour 22 09 2019 5

After all the morning activities we all had some rest in the apartment and had some lunch together (leftovers from yesterday as usual…) and then Laia, Chris and Judith went for shopping so we can a have a nice evening BBQ while I was doing some of the indoor and computer work in the station and when they came back they went for a swim.

Later in the evening we had a nice vegetarian BBQ for dinner and then some sleep.

Ringmærkning (Kabeltrommelkrattet + Jennes Sø)

Gærdesmutte – 5

Rødhals – 15

Rødstjert – 1

Jernspurv – 2

Gransanger – 12

Løvsanger – 1

Munk – 2

Rørspurv – 2

Rørsanger – 2

Musvit - 1

Blåmejse - 1

Lille Gråsisisken - 11

Total 53

People: Simon S. Christiansen, Yehonatan Ben Aroia, Christian Stolz, Judith Kloibhofer, Knud Pederson, Michael Ancher, Morten Christensen