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Ringing, Pride Run and dinner with the Friends of the Observatory !

søndag 28. juni 2020
af Amandine Doré

Today Martina and I went ringing at Kabeltromlen. Frederik did not join the ringing as he had been out the whole listening to night birds with Simon.

We had to open the nets one hour later because of the rain. Despite a cloudy weather, we caught quite few birds in the nets, and opened until 10, when it started raining again. After the Blackcap (Munk) wave of last week, today was the Lesser Whitethroat (Gærdesanger) invasion ! We catch new Lesser Whitethroats every day, which is surprising as we would expect them to be all ringed by now since they are resident birds. Some of them have starting moulting their feathers. 

20200628 055907Lesser Withetroat (Gærdesanger) moulting its feathers

We caught a nice juvenile Reed Bunting (Rørspurv), showing the species’ typical dark brown streaked pattern on the wings. Later on, we caught a beautiful adult male.

20200628 054159 001Juvenile Reed Bunting (Rørspurv) 

20200628 093233
Adult male Reed Bunting (Rørspurv) 

We also caught several Lesser whitethroats (Gærdesanger) hatched this year, and our first Common Whitethroat (Tornsanger) hatchling ! We are still waiting for the Blackcaps (Munk) hatchlings to be caught in the nets ! It should happen very soon!

20200628 084912Juvenile Lesser Whitethroat (Gærdesanger)

20200628 093814
Juvenile Common Whitethroat (Tornsanger)

After the ringing we went back home and got some sleep to get ready for the Virtual Pride Run Pernille, Martina and myself had enrolled for. We ended up running 6 km, it was nice and fun. 

Tonight, an outdoor dinner was organized at the Grey Lighthouse by the Friends of the Observatory. The weather was unfortunately not very good, and several showers interrupted the event, however everything turned out well.

20200628 173156 001

20200628 173651

The dinner was very good and had interesting flavours, using local ingredients such as different algae collected in the sea during the afternoon, as well as rosehips growing around the lighthouse. 

20200628 173645

20200628 173702

20200628 175643

Ringmærkning (Kabeltromlen):

Gransanger – Chiffchaff - 1

Lille Dompap – Bullfinch – 1

Bogfinke – Chaffinch -  5

Havesanger – Garden Warbler -  1

Tornsanger – Common Whitethroat – 4

Munk – Blackcap – 13

Topmejse – Crested Tit – 3

Kærsanger – Marsh Warbler – 4

Rørsanger – Reed Warbler – 2

Sangdrossel – Song Thrush – 1

Gærdesmutte – Wren – 2

Gærdesanger – Lesser Whitethroat – 2

Solsort – Blackbird – 2

Rødhals – Robin - 1

Skovpiber – Tree Pipit – 1

Blåmejse – Blue Tit – 1

Skægmejse – Bearded Tit – 2

Bjergvipstjert – Grey Wagtail – 1

Kernebider – Hawfinch – 1

Lille Gråsisken – Redpoll – 3

Broget Fluesnapper – Pied Flycatcher – 1

Løvsanger – Willow Warbler – 1

Vindrossel  - Redwing - 2

Rørspurv – Reed Bunting -

Total: 39

People : Martina Hillbrand, Frederik R. Johansen, Simon S. Christiansen, Amandine Doré and Pernille Roed.

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